We have put together some resources which we hope will be helpful in your Freedom to Speak Up journey.

It’s a useful starting point to understand how many people in the NHS suffer from things like harassment and bullying and how many people feel they can speak up (and how many feel they cannot).  We have included analysis in a presentation format on how people are speaking up in the NHS which you can use to demonstrate the power of speaking up.

Doctor using mobile phone in hospital


  • Workplace Bullying: The Definitive Guide
  • 7 Steps to Creating a Speak Up Culture in Your Organisation
  •  Employee Voice, Learn How to Hear it Better
  • The Concise Guide to Engaging and Retaining Employees


Infographics and posters:

  • Speak Up for Safety
  • Breaking the Barriers to Speaking Up
  • Why Civility Matters
  •  Speak Up for Inclusion
  • Compare your Trust NHS Staff Survey results analysis

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