HR Case Management

Easy, secure storage and management of cases

Our Case Management system provides a secure, easy to use place to collect Speaking Up, whistle-blowing and HR cases whether raised on WorkInConfidence: Anonymous Speak Up, by email, phone or other sources.  

Encrypted storage of cases, easily updated fields, multiple user access, with flexible sharing options ensures that compliance requirements are met and flexibility remains.  

Leave behind Excel spreadsheets!

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Addressing the challenges


Speaking up and compliance cases are highly sensitive, but frequently managers and organisations store them in an unsecure and disparate way.


Tracking progress through crucial stages of a case can be challenging but is critical to good case management.


Cases are often shared with (or accessible by) people who should not have access whilst being unavailable to those who need and should have access.


Reporting is always a challenge.  Real-time, joined-up reporting is often non-existent and very time-consuming. We fix that.

How HR Case Management can help

Safe & Secure

Our platform is Cloud-based and data compliant so it can be accessed any time, any place, and is highly secure.


It’s simple to add cases, sources and fields. Use pre-built fields or add your own.

Tracking Progress

With our intuitive platform, you can easily track progress through the stages to closure.


Comprehensive, real-time reporting is available in the system so you always know where you are.

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