HR Case Management Software

Easy, secure storage and management of cases

HR Case Management Software 

Our HR Case Management software provides a secure, easy-to-use place to collect, track and report on HR, performance management, grievance, speaking up or whistleblowing cases, whether raised with you directly by email, phone or other route or on WorkInConfidence: Anonymous Speak Up. 

Encrypted storage of cases, easily updated fields, and multiple user access, with flexible sharing options, ensures you always know where you are and have a clear overview for reporting and compliance. 

Leave behind Excel spreadsheets!

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The benefits of WorkInConfidence HR Case Management

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HR Case Management Software 

A comprehensive solution designed to streamline the handling of workplace problems, issues, grievances and conflicts. It offers a structured approach to address these concerns while ensuring transparency and compliance.

Efficient Case Recording & Tracking

A standout feature of our HR case management software is the ability it gives you to record and track cases efficiently. This ensures that no case falls through the cracks and allows HR professionals to maintain a detailed history of each case.

Streamlined Case Handling

Effective communication is crucial when addressing sensitive issues like performance management, grievances, bullying and harassment. Our HR Case Management software facilitates easy storage, tracking, updating and sharing among HR personnel and relevant stakeholders, ensuring everyone is on the same page.

Data-driven Insights

Modern HR case management solutions provide data-driven insights that help organisations identify recurring issues. By analysing trends, HR departments can implement preventive measures and targeted interventions.

Compliance Assured

Compliance with legal and regulatory requirements is a top priority for organisations. Our HR case management software documents all cases and actions taken, lessons learned and shared. Ensuring a compliant approach while effectively recording and resolving any issues or workplace conflicts.

Employee Empowerment & Transparency

Empowering employees to report incidents and concerns is vital. Our HR Case Management software offers a user-friendly interface for employees to initiate cases, promoting transparency and trust in the reporting process.

The benefits

Customisable Workflow
Each organisation has its own unique processes.  HR Case Management software allows for the customisation of fields, ensuring that the software is bespoke to the organisation's specific needs.

Mobile Accessibility
In today's mobile-centric world, having access to case information in real-time is crucial. HR Case Management software is mobile-optimised for easy accessibility on the go, allowing HR professionals to stay connected outside of the office.

Collaborative Approach
Resolving workplace problems often requires a collaborate effort.  HR Case Management software enables HR teams to work seamlessly, share insights and work together towards reaching a resolution.

Security & Confidentiality
HR Cases, grievances and bullying and harassment cases require utmost confidentiality.  Our software ensures data security and privacy, protecting sensitive information from unauthorised access - from within our outside your organisation.

Joined-up Approach
Too many organisations have siloed records for grievances, HR, speaking up, whistleblowing and cases.  Tracking and recording in one place gives a joined-up picture, enhancing your knowledge and ability to have a cohesive overview.

Return on Investment
Investing in HR Case Management software yields a high return on investment.  The software helps reduce time spent on manual processes, increases productivity, improves reporting and helps to foster a healthier workplace culture.

Enhanced Record Keeping
Thorough documentation is essential for effective HR case management. Our software enables  storage and recording of all relevant documents and communications in one centralised, cloud-based platform.

Game Changing
HR Case Management software is a game-changer.  Its multifaceted features, from efficient case tracking to easy reporting makes it an indispensable tool for modern organisations striving to create a harmonious, safe and respectful workplace.

Addressing the challenges


Speaking up and compliance cases are highly sensitive, but frequently managers and organisations store them in an insecure and disparate way.


Tracking progress through crucial stages of a case can be challenging but is critical to good case management.


Cases are often shared with (or accessible by) people who should not have access whilst being unavailable to those who need and should have access.


Reporting is always a challenge.  Real-time, joined up reporting is often non-existent and very time consuming.  We fix that!

How HR Case Management can help

Safe & Secure

Our platform is Cloud-based and data compliant so it can be accessed any time, any place, and is highly secure.


It’s simple to add cases, sources and fields. Use pre-built fields or add your own.

Tracking Progress

With our intuitive platform, you can easily track progress through the stages to closure.


Comprehensive, real-time reporting is available in the system so you always know where you are.

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Addressing the challenges

What our customers say

Frequently asked questions

Mobile accessibility allows HR professionals to stay connected to case information, even when they are not at their desks, enabling quicker response times.

Yes, by supporting data-driven insights, organisations can identify patterns and implement preventative measure to minimise future problems.

Organisations can conduct awareness campaigns, provide clear reporting procedures and assure employees of confidentiality to encourage them to use the reporting feature.

Absolutely, our HR Case Management software prioritises data security and employs encryption measures to prevent unauthorised access.

Remember, creating a safe and inclusive workplace is not just a responsibility – but a commitment that organisations must uphold.  HR Case Management software emerges as a powerful ally in this endeavour, ensuring that issues such as grievances, speaking up, bullying and harassment cases are dealt with promptly, fairly and transparently.