Employee Engagement Surveys

Keep your finger on the pulse

Keep your finger on the pulse of your organisational health with employee engagement, long form, mini and pulse surveys. 

See what is working and what needs development across all areas of engagement, operations, governance and respect.

With multiple format options, our surveys help you measure engagement, understand your people, and track needs.  Identify areas for improvement before they become casualties of poor employee engagement and toxic workplace culture.

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Addressing the challenges

Employee Engagement

Only 1/3rd of people are fully engaged at work.


Engaged employees have 41% less absenteeism and 59% less staff turnover.


40% of people feel their employer doesn’t do enough to engage them.


Engaged employees deliver 21% better productivity and generate 43% more revenue.


67% of engaged employees advocate for the organisation whilst only 3% of the disengaged do


Engaged employees are 87% less likely to leave.

How Employee Engagement Surveys can help

Understanding your people better creates huge opportunities to enhance your organisation.   Doing that in an easy, trusted way gives you opportunities to lever engagement, optimise performance and eliminate risk. 

Gain a greater understanding of how your people feel about the issues that matter most. 

Create your questions using built-in templates. Run engagement, culture, pulse and governance surveys in minutes on any device. Extract meaningful data and develop action plans from the results.

Encourage Input

Reach out and understand your people at any point on engagement, respect or operations


Easily build pulse, mini or long surveys. Start from our templates or build your own surveys.

Easy to Complete

Multiple options to run surveys. Directly from our platform, copy a link to email or add to your intranet or use a QR code.

Measure Impact

View results online or extract from the system for deeper analysis.  Re-run and compare changes at any time.

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