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WorkInConfidence Terms of Use and Policies

WorkInConfidence Limited (“WorkInConfidence”, “we” or “us”), the owner and operator of WorkInConfidence (the “Service”) is a company incorporated in England and Wales with registered address at Suite 601 Fountain House, 2 Queens Walk, Reading, RG1 7QF, UK and registration number 08255296. Use of the Services and our website is subject to:

For Individuals Using WorkInConfidence:

For Client Organisations:

We reserve the right to change the above Terms. Please contact [email protected] with any questions.

If you are in the EU or EEA and have a Data Privacy request, click here for details of our EU/EEA Representative.

If you are an existing client or user from before 9th February 2021 and you have not been notified of these changes then our earlier terms are here

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