About WorkInConfidence

WorkInConfidence’s Origin Story

WorkInConfidence helps organisations improve their company culture, engage and retain top talent and gain valuable insights for continual improvement and innovation. 

The seed for WorkInConfidence was planted when Tim Martin – our Co-Founder and CEO’s then boss –  tried to bully him into ignoring fraud. “I began to wonder about the real problem at the core of the business,” says Tim. 

And so began the journey. As a corporate lawyer in London and South East Asia, Tim knew that something needed to be done to fix bad workplaces and poor organisational culture and ensure that the minimum standards of risk, compliance and good corporate governance were met when doing so.  

It led to a journey of discovery into identifying the underlying issues in an organisation’s culture that made bullying, harassment and disengagement acceptable behaviours.  

From front line staff, to FTSE 100 and  Dow Jones directors, poor organisational health was quickly identified as the greatest indicator. 

Organisations with poor organisational health overlooked problems like harassment, discrimination and workplace bullying. It was not necessarily that they didn’t care, but they may not have had a means for those affected employees to voice their concerns. 

Employees were without a voice.  And organisations were missing valuable insights into their organisational health. 

So, we set out to build WorkInConfidence.

Our Founders

Tim Martin

Tim’s purpose is to help struggling organisations facilitate and build two-way communications solutions that advance organisational health and positively impact their business performance.  

Engaged employees are more productive, less likely to leave and more committed to seeing the organisation they work for succeed. 

He is passionate about never wanting another employee anywhere to fall victim to poor leadership behaviours and bad company culture. The human race has evolved to be better, and countless surveys have proven that the bad guys never win.

Neil Thompson

For many decades Neil spoke in code. As an accomplished software developer, his progression through the ranks in various IT environments meant that he has experienced many of the challenges that Tim set out to fix. 

Neil’s thorough knowledge of what it takes to build a successful technology business and an in-depth understanding of how to develop the underlying products that ensure its success helped build WorkInConfidence into what it is today.  We are one of the world’s leading providers of two-way communications and employee engagement solutions

Our Rest of the World Team

Headshot of Katrina Mullins. Marketing Manager for WorkInConfidence

Katrina Mullins

With a background in change management and administration, Kat keeps the social media marketing with our audience on track and provides useful, engaging content to keep everyone informed on all things employee engagement

Heba profile picture

Heba Tantawi-Taher

When we’ve agreed to work together on changing the world, Heba makes sure that everything goes according to plan and schedule.

David Warren headshot

David Warren

With experience across marketing, account management and business development in organisations large and small, David is well placed to understand the needs of our clients

profile pic

Shelia Wade

Sheila keeps an eye on our finances. She’s had an exciting career in many high-priority industries so her insight into company culture is valuable, too.

Neil Thompson, Advisor to the Board at WorkInConfidence

Neil Thompson

A celebrated technology industry veteran with global experience, Neil’s passion for helping people and organisations reach their full potential means he’s perfectly placed as an advisor to the Board.

Our North American Team

Headshot of David Lino S. Head of North America for WorkInConfidence

David Lino S.

David leads WorkInConfidence’s, North American presence, his background is in sales, business development, marketing and consulting.
Headshot of Gerald White, Head of North America Operations for WorkInConfidence

Gerald White

Gerald’s skills in administration, promoting, organising and mentoring help to deliver client success in operations for the North American market.

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