External Speak Up Phone Line

Access an external Speak Up Guardian

Provide that extra level of confidence and anonymity to encourage speaking up and whistleblowing. Our online Anonymous Speak Up platform is a great way to ensure your people can easily raise concerns.  Some people prefer the ability to contact a qualified Speaking Up contact, which in some regulated sectors is a regulatory requirement.  Having someone outside of your organisation gives that extra confidence to your staff.  Making speaking up safe and easy means you are likely to spot and resolve problems more often and operate better. 

Speak Up Guardians are provided by our associated company Freedom To Speak Limited. They operate to the same high standards as WorkInConfidence. They provide specially trained contacts to facilitate Speaking Up.

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Addressing the challenges

External Contact

Many regulated organisations (like NHS services) need a Freedom to Speak Up Guardian. Others would benefit from one.


An external contact can give your people greater confidence to speak up than using a member of your own team.


When they have concerns your people need an empathetic and knowledgeable contact. Our Speak up Guardians provide both.


You and your people want solutions. Our Guardians listen and advise so a way forward can be found for all concerned.

How Speak Up phone line can help

Specially trained agents can facilitate anonymous conversations, whistleblowing, bullying and harassment reports and provide an extra level of confidentiality and advanced case management. As with everything WorkInConfidence does, safety, security and confidentiality are of utmost importance.

Dedicated Contact

Available 08:30 – 17:30 GMT weekdays where your people can speak with an appropriately trained contact adept at dealing with speaking up matters.

Full Trained Responders

Trained in handling and helping with speaking up matters. They have usually held roles as Freedom to Speak Up Guardians in the NHS.

Comprehensive Reporting

With reporting, you will receive regular reports on numbers and types of problems raised and recommendations for improvement.


Ensuring your staff always feel safe speaking up means you are more likely to uncover problems and resolve them before too late in the day.

Interested in how Speak-Up phone lines work?

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