Discussion Boards

Provide a way to share ideas without being in the spotlight

“When employees share novel ideas and bring up concerns or problems, organizations innovate and perform better.” — Harvard Business Review.

Crowd source suggestions and ideas from your teams to enhance your organisation with staff discussion boards. Create a buzz around initiatives and improvements.  Get everyone involved and allow the more reserved colleagues the opportunity to remain anonymous to encourage them to share their ideas.

Smiling businesswomen brainstorming with adhesive notes on a glass wall in the office.

Addressing the challenges


90% of millennials want senior leadership to listen to their input.


Half the people in an average team struggle to raise and discuss ideas openly. All have valuable input.

Raising Problems

Your people know more of the problems and opportunities in your organisation than management, but often cannot or do not feel confident to raise them.


40% of people in the workplace feel their employer doesn’t do enough to engage them.

How Discussion Boards can help

Demonstrate your commitment to team involvement by putting in place a platform that makes sharing and listening easy.

Collaborative Innovation

Harness the knowledge of your whole team and easily encourage discussion of ideas to work better together.

Foster Engagement

Create excitement and engagement by involving your people in idea creation on user-created forums.

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