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Travers Smith LLP – Anonymous Speak Up

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Travers Smith LLP is a corporate law firm based in London who advise national and multi-national companies across a range of corporate and communications matters.

Established in 1810, Travers Smith employs over nine hundred employees, over ninety partners and over four hundred and fifty lawyers.


“We pride ourselves on being a great place to work with a supportive culture, where our people are at the heart of client service and stay true to our integrity, teamwork, support and inclusion” is how Erin Green, HR Systems & MI Specialist for Human Resources at Travers Smith LLP, describes the law firm’s approach to its culture

Travers Smith LLP had not identified a problem, but wanted to go down the journey to help mitigate any future problems in support of managing the risk. They felt by providing their people with an anonymous communications channel in addition to all the other effective communications channels already offered, would mean people would feel confident that they were offering different options to raise issues, concerns or potentially complaints in the way in which they felt most comfortable.


WorkInConfidence was rolled out using effective communications channels to launch it to all of the partners and employees to raise awareness of this new communications channel, in addition to all the other communications channels that are on offer. They also make sure all new employees are aware of WorkInConfidence when onboarding and take regular opportunities to remind people of this effective platform.

“It’s really reassuring for us to know as a firm that WorkInConfidence is always available. Although the use to date has been very low, it is being used in a very positive way” – Erin Green


Erin believes it’s been hugely beneficial for their people to know that the WorkInConfidence option is always available to them. Having found the platform to be especially important during the pandemic where people could reach out to the firm’s leadership team on a range of wellbeing related matters.


“WorkInConfidence were hugely supportive throughout the implementation and are a great team to work with, offering lots of guidance and support throughout the onboarding process and has continued since we went live.Giving us reassurance that they are there to guide us when we need them.

We rolled out in July 2019 and used multiple communication channels to launch the WorkInConfidence platform via internal emails, intranet and also put posters around our London office.

I would say we have an excellent working relationship with the WorkInConfidence team. We have a dedicated Account Manager with whom I have regular catch-ups, but also very supportive and give lots of guidance and excellent customer service.

The plan for Travers Smith is to continue to promote WorkInConfidence in the same way that we do to remind people of its existence and availability”.


“My recommendation would be that any organisation should consider implementing WorkInConfidence to complement their existing communication channels.

It’s a great system, providing an excellent communication channel, which is easy to implement and cost effective.

It gives our firm and the leadership team a lot of comfort knowing that we can offer WorkInConfidence anonymous speak up to our partners and employees”. Erin Green, HR Systems & MI Specialist for Human Resources at Travers Smith LLP

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