Enhancing performance through understanding, engagement and development

We help organisations to gain better perspectives from and of their employees and to improve culture and performance.

Our comprehensive range of services helps organisations with employee engagement surveys, anonymous dialogue for whistleblowing and candid engagement, online appraisals, pulse surveys and hiring solutions.


Ensure that any member of your staff can easily and anonymously discuss concerns, problems or ideas.  Gain true understanding before problems escalate and cause lasting damage.

Anonymous Dialogue

Lack of engagement costs upto £60b annually in the UK. Poor governance costs £billions more. Get candid feedback and understand staff concerns, problems, ideas or barriers to engagement.

Engagement Surveys

Engaged employees generate 43% more revenue (Hay). Comprehensive employee surveys delivering understanding of engagement and alignment in your organisation.

Pulse Surveys

It is estimated that only 35% of the UK workforce is full engaged Quickly gain understanding of staff views on one, or a small range, of topics and monitor progress over time.

Online Appraisals

Staff with a development plan perform better. Ensure you and your staff understand their strengths and areas for development with easy 360 Appraisals

Job Referencing

75% of managers feel they cannot rely on hiree references. Our aggregated reference questionnaires give you candid references and simplify your referencing process.

Why WorkInConfidence

Because engagement, governance and performance is a challenge and opportunity for you every day, we offer a range of services to give you a comprehensive understanding of, and engagement with, your team from hiring the right people through to every day engagement, understanding and development.


Engagement, governance and performance is an opportunity for you every day – so we offer a comprehensive range of solutions

Easy to Use

Our services are all designed to be easy to use for employees, stakeholders and administrators

Highly Trusted

We deliver solutions your employees and stakeholders can trust – so they can give you candid input

Actionable Insights

We ensure that everything we do for you delivers clear, actionable insights

We Care

Helping create better working environments is something we are passionate about.  We hope you are too

Cloud Based

No time consuming or costly installation needed – but you still get the benefit of system upgrades

Some of our Clients

What Clients Say

The Pennine Acute Hospitals Trust has been using the system since Christmas 2015. The system supports our Health, Happy, Here Programme and has allowed staff to anonymously contact Directors and senior managers in the Trust to ask questions they feel they cannot ask in public.

I would wholeheartedly recommend it to any organisation to use, it’s a great tool to support staff engagement.

Nick Hayes

Deputy Director of Workforce, Pennine Acute Hospitals NHS Trust

St Helens and Knowsley Teaching Hospitals has recently launched its SpeakInConfidence anonymous reporting system.  The response from the workforce has been very positive with numerous ideas for improvement received within the first month.  I anticipate that this will greatly enhance the speed of quality improvement across the organisation, and support staff in delivering safe effective care for every patient admitted into the Trust.

Neal Jones

Assistant Director of Patient Safety, St Helens and Knowsley Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust

SpeakinConfidence has been a valuable tool at our business for encouraging two-way dialogue between colleagues and senior management.

It means everyone, no matter what their role, has an opportunity to have their voice heard, which has been good for staff morale.

Gary Olsen

Internal Communications Executive, Slater and Gordon Group

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