Speaking up without
being in the spotlight

Being respected
for who I am

Confidently sharing ideas
and offering feedback

Thriving at work,
not just surviving

Individually respected. 
Collectively successful.

Our Purpose Statement

To facilitate trusted two-way communication to
advance organisational health and enhance performance.

Enabling organisations
to flourish through giving
their people a voice.

– Build trusted two way communication

– Understand your peoples challenges

– Encourage confidence to speak up

Improve your Organisational Health
and keep your finger on the PULSE
with WorkInConfidence.

Explore the platform

WorkInConfidence Pulse improves your Organisational Health by building trusted communications

and benefits your people by encouraging confidence to communicate freely with you.


Provide a safe and secure environment for your people to raise issues and surface concerns so you can resolve them quickly. More…

Understand & Learn

Run a wide range of topical polls and surveys to really gain an understanding of how your people are feeling. More…

Share & Excite

Ask your people for ideas on topics that you would like feedback on and make everyone feel a valued part of the team. More...

WorkInConfidence PULSE employee involvement platform
underpins a healthy culture by redefining how you connect,
engage and communicate with your people.

 Protect your people by providing a secure environment for sharing issues
or ideas. Understand and Learn about the health of your organisation with
regular real-time measurements; Share and Excite by diving in, top to bottom,
bottom to top and side to side where teams offer instant feedback
on improvements and direction.
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What our customers say

“Overall for us, we find WorkInConfidence is easy to use, provides reassurance of anonymity and clearly fulfils a need within our organisation.”

Hampshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

We’ve had a really good response on what’s working well, what we needed to improve on, and what our employees’ apprehensions were about”

Tai Tarian

WorkInConfidence means that our staff, wherever they are, can log in, raise an anonymous question, and get an answer the next day”

Gloucestershire Health & Care NHS Foundation Trust