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Intelligent employee engagement for organisations of all sizes.

Discover the value of employee listening

Good organisational culture and active employee engagement can transform your business. We help facilitate trusted two-way communications, increase employee engagement, reduce risk and accelerate team performance.

Anonymous conversation for speaking up and whistleblowing; Surveys for understanding and employee engagement; Forums for sharing ideas and collaboration – all in one easy online platform.

Make your workplace culture happier, more engaged and more productive by giving all your employees the voice they need to raise problems, suggest ideas and provide feedback.

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Key benefits

Encourage Voices

Giving your people a voice means you can spot problems earlier, understand needs and motivations better and have more engaged and connected teams.

Build Trust

Our platform is anonymous giving your people the psychological safety to give more candid and valuable feedback, and even encourages confidential whistleblowing if the need arises.

Deliver Insights

Whilst protecting user identities, WorkInConfidence delivers clear, actionable insights for your organisation so you can learn, develop and perform better.

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Employee engagement is not only for large organisations with sophisticated engagement programmes and large budgets.

The WorkInConfidence online platform is cloud-based and easy to use on PC, phone or tablet. We are quick and easy to get started with, trusted by your people, insightful for your management and proven by our extensive user base.

WorkInConfidence joins up trusted employee voice with management insights into the state of your organisation so you can learn, develop and thrive, no matter your size.

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The pivotal role employee listening tools play

Nurture an engaged and involved workplace by providing the platform to listen to people’s challenges.  Ensure your team feels comfortable speaking up and foster an environment where everyone is encouraged to give feedback and share ideas.

The WorkInConfidence platform helps you gain a deeper understanding of what your people think and need and how you can support them. 

Our secure, confidential platform gives people the confidence to speak up and report problems like bullying and harassment. At the same time, we help you encourage great feedback and develop healthy, engaged and ethical business practices.  

Join up your employee engagement, organisational health and ESG more comprehensively.  

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