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Our comprehensive range of services provide organisations with employee engagement surveys; a platform for anonymous dialogue, facilitating whistleblowing and candid engagement; online appraisals; pulse surveys, and hiring solutions.

Employee Guidelines for Reporting Workplace Bullying and Harassment
Downloadable guide detailing the steps you should take if you are on the receiving end of workplace bullying behaviour.
Infographic NHS 2018 Staff Survey Results
Download this infographic to compare 2017/2018 results from the NHS Staff Survey on key measures across bullying, harassment, abuse, discrimination and speaking up.
How diverse are our workplaces really?
How well are UK businesses scoring in gender diversity, ageing UK population, sexual discrimination and ethnic diversity. Download this infographic to find out.
New legal requirements for staff feedback and reporting systems
Guide with advice on what needs to be included under these provisions for Companies with more than 250 UK employees as part of the directors report.