WorkInConfidence for Users

Start a Conversation Get an Resolution Anonymously

Have a conversation with Management anonymously

WorkInConfidence allows you to have a conversation with a member of senior management without revealing who you are.  It’s just like sending an email, only the person you send your message to and the organisation will never know you used the system.

Laptop showing the WorkinConfidence platform

Addressing the challenges

Raise a Concern

Got a problem? Raise a conversation on WorkInConfidence and get it resolved.

Suggest an Idea

Got an idea but shy to raise it? WorkInConfidence is the place to get it heard.

Give Feedback

Improvement Idea? Discuss it with management and get it implemented.

Discuss with Colleagues

Join in the conversation in WorkInConfidence discussion boards.

Anonymous and Confidential

Your name, email address or any other information is never shown to anyone, ever.  Your organisation will never know you have registered.

Safe and Secure

We encrypt your data when sending between your browser and our servers. Your data is encrypted on our servers and no-one has access to it.

How Anonymous Speak Up can help

Easy & Trusted

Our intuitive platform is cloud-based, mobile optimised, highly secure, and trusted, so your people can feel safe using it.

Spot Problems

WorkInConfidence gives your people a safe way to speak up to the right person meaning you can eliminate problems, reduce risk and enhance engagement.

Gain Understanding

The WorkInConfidence platform delivers you with clear, actionable insights to develop and improve whilst providing your people with the safety they need.

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