Start a Conversation
Get an Resolution

It’s hard to raise things sometimes – so WorkInConfidence lets you do it anonymously.

What is it?

Have a conversation with management anonymously

WorkInConfidence allows you to have a conversation with a member of senior management without revealing who you are. It’s just like sending an email only the person you send the message to and your organisation will never know you have used the system.

Raise a concern

Got a problem? Raise it on WorkInConfidence and get it resolved.

Suggest an idea

Got an idea but shy to raise it? WorkInConfidence is the place to get it heard.

Give Feedback

Improvement Idea? Discuss it with management and get it implemented.

Discuss with colleagues

Join in the conversation in WorkInConfidence discussion boards.


Your name, email address or any other information is never shown to anyone, ever.


Your organisation will never know that you have even registered for WorkInConfidence.


We encrypt your data when sending between your browser and our servers.


Your data is also encrypted on our servers and nobody has access to it.

Your security

We take your security very seriously

We know that you will have questions about WorkInConfidence and your security when using it which is why we have made this short video to answer the most common questions.

Get in touch

Need more information?

We know that you might have other questions about WorkInConfidence that you might like to ask so feel free to get in touch and one of our team will talk to you, in confidence of course!