Employee Appreciation Recognition

The Power of Employee Appreciation Recognition

Updated May 2023

Let’s explore why employee appreciation recognition is so important and why you should be embedding it into the fabric of your culture.

The challenges of winning employee engagement are, of course, universal. #EmployeeAppreciationDay, which is an awareness day held on the 1st Friday of March each year, is an opportunity to highlight employee appreciation, give praise and increase the trust between employee and employer.

According to a recent survey by Glassdoor, 81% of employees will work harder for a boss who shows appreciation for them. 53% Of employees admitted they would stay longer at their company if they felt more appreciation from their boss.

Download our Guide: Employee Appreciation Survey with 11 questions you should be asking, how they are can be structured and why.

Recognition from management

Receiving employee appreciation recognition is key to engagement and motivation. We conducted a survey to determine what people wanted from their managers in 2020, we asked; “Do you get enough recognition from your manager?” 45% Of people surveyed felt they did not which is a huge proportion and a costly mistake when your top talent walks out of your door into your competitors.

Give your staff a voice

Employee appreciation recognition isn’t a costly benefit, yet surprisingly so many companies are missing out on this. There is nothing less demoralising than feeling like you are just another cog in the wheel and what you think or feel doesn’t matter. Or worse, why bother raising it as nothing will be done anyway! Implement good feedback systems which offer an opportunity for performance-related feedback to be given, open discussions and a safe channel to voice concerns or raise ideas.

5 Simple ways to show employee appreciation

Employee Appreciation Day should be every day!

A one-off event won’t shift mindsets, and the more cynical employees may even think of the day as a token gesture. A powerful move on your part, use Employee Appreciation Day as a motivator to ask for opinions from staff, talk to staff more, praise them when they do a good job and embed a wider culture of staff engagement.

The most important element in a successful employee engagement programme is staff input.

Visit our Resource Hub for employee engagement tools,  free downloadable ebooks on, employee voice and staff retention which you can use to create a company culture that embraces appreciation, respect and higher productivity. Employee appreciation is all about redefining how to connect, engage, protect and communicate with your employees.

A safe and secure way for your people to anonymously raise concerns via phone, tablet, or PC, ensuring you are aware of any workplace issues and can respond quickly and accordingly
A secure online place to record, track, update, and report on all speaking up matters, whether raised through WorkInConfidence or directly.
Easily set up, run and interpret surveys on engagement, respect, wellness or other topics to ensure you always understand your people, their needs and motivations.
Demonstrate your commitment to collaboration with discussion boards to accelerate employee engagement and gain greater insights – anonymous if required.

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