Tools and Resources
Employee Engagement Calculator
It’s estimated that only 35% of the UK workforce is fully engaged, costing UK businesses £20bn – £60bn per year. What is poor engagement costing your organisation?
Find out with our quick and easy engagement calculator.
Tools and Resources
Freedom to Speak Up Guardians Toolkit
In order to support new Guardians and NHS Trusts, WorkInConfidence has put together a file of resources that you can amend to help you promote your service.
Download now and amend in Microsoft Word.
Tools and Resources
How well does your Trust compare on bullying and communication issues?
The 2018 NHS Survey found that only 34% of staff reported good communications between senior management and staff and that 25% of staff experienced harassment or bullying. How does your Trust compare?
Tools and Resources
Onboarding Questionnnaire
Get new recruits started right and they will contribute to your organisation. Download this questionnaire to make sure your onboarding process has covered everything to make this happen.
Tools and Resources
Governance Calculator
Do you know how many of your staff may be affected by bullying, harassment, discrimination and inability to speak up? To find out what this could be costing your business, download and enter a few key values about your organisation.
Tools and Resources
Calculate The Cost of Bullying in Your Organisation
Workplace bullying and harassment – how much is it costing your organisation?
Tools and Resources
Calculate the Cost of non-Work Activities in your Organisation
It is inevitable that staff within every organisation are going to have to take time to deal with non-work tasks. Most employers accept this as a natural part of running the business but what is it costing your organisation? Use the calculator below
Tools and Resources
Happiness Questionnnaire
Download these questions to use for your next Happiness survey and make sure you are checking how your employees are feeling
Tools and Resources
Freedom to Speak Up Guardians Hub
On this page we have collected together a series of resources to help both new and established Freedom to Speak Up Guardians help staff in their Trusts to speak up.
Take a look at what’s on offer.