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Enhancing performance through understanding, engagement, and development.

We help organisations to improve culture and performance by gaining better perspectives of their employees, from their employees.

Our comprehensive range of services provide organisations with employee engagement surveys; a platform for anonymous dialogue, facilitating whistleblowing and candid engagement; online appraisals; pulse surveys, and hiring solutions.

Tools and Resources
Employee Engagement Calculator
It's estimated that only 35% of the UK workforce is fully engaged, costing UK businesses £20bn - £60bn per year. What is poor engagement costing your organisation?
Find out with our quick and easy engagement calculator.
Tools and Resources
Freedom to Speak Up Guardians Toolkit
In order to support new Guardians and NHS Trusts, WorkInConfidence has put together a file of resources that you can amend to help you promote your service.
Download now and amend in Microsoft Word.
Product Information - SpeakInConfidence
SpeakInConfidence overview
Ensure that any member of your staff can easily and anonymously discuss concerns, problems or ideas with senior management.
Download to learn more about how SpeakInConfidence can help your organisation.
Tools and Resources
How well does your Trust compare on bullying and communication issues?
The 2017 NHS Survey found that only 33% of staff reported good communications between senior management and staff and that 24% of staff experienced harassment or bullying.
How does your Trust compare?
Case Study - 360Now
How brightsolid are using 360Now
brightsolid were looking for a solution to build a positive company culture and values that were unique to their organisation.
Download the case study to learn how 360Now online appraisals helped.
Case Study - SpeakInConfidence
Helping Gloucestershire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust to speak up
'There was a feeling that we needed to move the dial to something where raising of concerns was a routine matter for staff; rather than something they did in a crisis.'

Read how SpeakInConfidence helped.

Case Study - ReferenceInConfidence
Saving Jenson Solutions time with their recruitment
Jenson Solutions frequently makes new hires and were keen to explore solutions that enable them to save time on their recruitment process.
ReferenceInConfidence does just that.
Case Study - SpeakInConfidence
Getting anonymous feedback for The Pennine Acute Hospitals NHS Trust
Feedback from staff about the whistleblowing process showed staff members were seeking anonymity when raising concerns.
Read how the Trust honoured this with SpeakInConfidence.
Case Study - SpeakInConfidence
Solving a disconnect between staff and the executive team for SECAMB
The year prior to introducing SpeakInConfidence was a challenge for South East Coast Ambulance Service and the organisation knew that changes needed to be made in order to improve.
Case Study - SpeakInConfidence
Helping Tai Tarian connect with remote staff
With a large number of employees working remotely, Tai Tarian faced the challenge of bringing teams together to provide a streamlined service. A system was needed to capture the voice of all staff, wherever they worked;
Case Study - TwoWayVision
Delivering an employee engagement survey for Sue Ryder
Read how a TwoWayVision survey received the charity's highest participation rate yet and has made it possible for management to pinpoint the ways to create better working environments for staff.
Case Study - SpeakInConfidence
Providing peace of mind to 2gether NHS Foundation Trust
With a Trust that covers such a considerable geographic area and a workforce that operates both on-site and within the community, 2gether wanted to ensure that all staff could report concerns.
The Truth About Employment Job References
Employment references are suffering largely because of a misunderstanding about the legal implications of giving them rather than of being candid. In this ebook read about the importance of references and the legal position.
Building a Successful Speaking Up Process in your Organisation
Creating an environment in your organisation where people feel that they can speak up, whether that is with issue and concerns, or with ideas, is essential. This eBook explores how you can achieve that.
Tools and Resources
Onboarding Questionnnaire
Get new recruits started right and they will contribute to your organisation. Download this questionnaire to make sure your onboarding process has covered everything to make this happen.
Case Study - TwoWayVision
Saving ategi time and costs with an online TwoWayVision survey
ategi chose WorkInConfidence's TwoWayVision because it automated the distribution, collation, and interpretation of data in a single process while saving a significant number of work-hours and associated costs.
Product Information - 360Now
A brief introduction to 360Now
In a busy world it is easy to defer appraising employees and planning their career development. 360Now enables feedback about employee strengths and weaknesses which facilitates career planning and development.
Tools and Resources
Governance Calculator
Do you know how many of your staff may be affected by bullying, harassment, discrimination and inability to speak up? To find out what this could be costing your business, download and enter a few key values about your organisation.
Workplace Bullying - The Definitive Guide
Bullying in organisations is endemic, frequently overlooked or unreported and thoroughly toxic. It creates stress, affects motivation and mental wellbeing, destroys lives (literally) and erodes business. Create a zero tolerance culture now.
Employee Guidelines for Reporting Workplace Bullying and Harassment
Downloadable guide detailing the steps you should take if you are on the receiving end of workplace bullying behaviour.
Tools and Resources
Calculate The Cost of Bullying in Your Organisation
Workplace bullying and harassment - how much is it costing your organisation?
Tools and Resources
Calculate the Cost of non-Work Activities in your Organisation
It is inevitable that staff within every organisation are going to have to take time to deal with non-work tasks. Most employers accept this as a natural part of running the business but what is it costing your organisation? Use the calculator below
Tools and Resources
Freedom to Speak Up Guardians Hub
On this page we have collected together a series of resources to help both new and established Freedom to Speak Up Guardians help staff in their Trusts to speak up.
Take a look at what's on offer.
The Concise Guide to Engaging and Retaining Employees
Understand the importance of engaging your workforce but worried the cost in time and money will outweigh the reward? Download this free eBook today and find out the most time and cost effective ways to engage your staff.