Anonymous Speak Up

Ensure your people can speak up without fear

Not knowing what’s going on in your organisation can be costly. Hundreds of organisations lose good staff through bullying, harassment and poor company culture. Others suffer irreparable reputational damage through actions that could have been reported anonymously; don’t let this happen to you.  

Our Anonymous Conversation platform ensures your people can speak up in absolute safety when they need to. Enable whistleblowing, empower raising problems easily and avoid that #MeToo moment.  Understand equality, diversity and inclusion, and ESG challenges by empowering people to discuss what could work better.  Give your people a voice with WorkInConfidence Anonymous Speak Up.

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Addressing the challenges


60% of people have witnessed, or been victims of, workplace bullying. Just 48% raise it. Cost to UK £18b per year.

Sexual Harassment

Over 50% of women experience sexual harassment. The majority never inform their employer.


Nearly 2/3rds of employees hear or are subject to discriminatory comments. Over half never act.


77% of employees have experienced mental health challenges, usually work related to a degree. Only 11% have raised it with their managers.

How Anonymous Speak Up can help

Easy & Trusted

Our intuitive platform is cloud-based, mobile optimised, highly secure, and trusted, so your people can feel safe using it.

Spot Problems

WorkInConfidence gives your people a safe way to speak up to the right person meaning you can eliminate problems, reduce risk and enhance engagement.

Gain Understanding

The WorkInConfidence platform delivers you with clear, actionable insights to develop and improve whilst providing your people with the safety they need.

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