Ethical Reading is a not-for-profit social enterprise that exists to help organisations in Reading and their teams do the right thing by each other, the wider community and the environment, and to thrive in the process.

WorkInConfidence think that the work of Ethical Reading is important and aligns strategically with what the business is aiming for. WorkInConfidence are therefore delighted to announce that they are to adopt the Code of Ethics that has been developed by Ethical Reading.

WorkInConfidence worked with Ethical Reading to help shape the code through review and feedback before it was launched and WorkInConfidence COO Neil Thompson was on the panel at the launch event.

Speaking on the important of a code of ethics Thompson said:

There are so many things for small businesses to consider that a code of ethics is probably low on their priority list. What Ethical Reading have done is made it simple for businesses of all sizes to consider ethics and draw up their own code of ethics to adopt.

Thompson continued:

Having the template made the process of adopting a Code of Ethics easy to do but equally important was making sure all employees understand the code and buy into it.  We also took this opportunity to make sure that every employee had the chance to feedback anonymously via our own WorkInConfidence system. It is situations just such as this that it was designed for.

You can read WorkInConfidence’s Code of Ethics above, and to find more information about how you can get the template and guidance for your organisation please visit Ethical Reading’s website.

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