Being a senior manager of a business has its perks – being privy to how people are genuinely feeling isn’t usually one of them. People are more likely to whisper at the water-cooler about problems with the structure of the business than talk to you about it.

People are your biggest asset, and they might have some great ideas to help you improve the business and their working environment – making work a safer, more transparent place for everyone.

This is where SpeakInConfidence’s new Discussion Board feature comes in: to gather the real feeling from your employees’ point of view. Anonymously.

SpeakInConfidence was initially developed to facilitate one-to-one consultation between an anonymous staff member and a manager, allowing individuals to raise ideas and concerns without fear of repercussion. SpeakInConfidence developed into a platform that provides staff with a tangible and accessible way of getting real help, advice, and guidance from senior members of the organisation.

Through customer feedback, WorkInConfidence determined that a Discussion Board would help multiple individuals develop the confidence to speak up while giving senior management the opportunity to really understand the general feeling on the ground.

The Gift of Feedback

SpeakinConfidence Discussion Boards allow multiple people to comment and pitch-in ideas while maintaining the safety of anonymity. Staff members can raise a question and managers can respond; adding their thoughts or a response from the organisation’s point of view. The manager’s identity is revealed for traceability, while the individual’s identity is always anonymised.

The Discussion Board is the new collaborative feature of SpeakInConfidence; offering organisations the opportunity to develop a true speak-up culture for their staff.

WorkInConfidence designed the Discussion Board to provide organisations with a new way to communicate and gauge employee satisfaction, for staff to ask questions, and to let you know about problems before they become insurmountable.

The Discussion Board feature is available now.

The Discussion Board feature is incredibly versatile and completely customisable. You might consider using it for the following scenarios:

  • Suggestions for Improvements:  How can we make your working day smarter? How can we become a better organisation?
  • Working Environment: Do you feel safe in your working environment? What could be done to improve the working environment for you?

WorkInConfidence provides online employee engagement solutions to help organisations of all sizes better connect with their staff – for mutual benefit. A small change in employee engagement can result in an improved culture; happier, more motivated, staff; and a positive impact on performance and productivity – financial or otherwise.

SpeakInConfidence is the leading online anonymous dialogue platform that enables any member of staff to discuss concerns, problems or ideas within organisations anonymously. Simple to navigate and use, SpeakInConfidence gives everyone an ability to be heard – especially beneficial to senior leaders who can use the anonymous feedback to develop the organisation. It offers senior leaders the ability to hear everyone’s voice, enhancing performance through understanding, engagement, and development.

WorkInConfidence PULSE platform underpins a healthy culture by redefining how you connect, engage and communicate with your people. Protect your people by providing a secure environment for sharing issues or ideas. Understand and Learn about the health of your organisation with regular real-time measurements; Share and Excite by diving in, top to bottom, bottom to top and side to side where teams offer instant feedback on improvements and direction.