WorkInConfidence is excited to announce the latest extension to its industry leading employee involvement platform with the addition of WorkInConfidence: MEASURE.

The MEASURE module adds the ability to create a rich variety of employee engagement surveys ranging from full annual surveys to short form governance, onboarding and exit surveys to one-off questions around engagement or topical items.

screen shot of Measure module employee engagement survey question
Measure: Pulse survey

Using MEASURE, organisations will be able run employee engagement surveys and measure the views of staff at any time and track trends and changes.  

MEASURE sits alongside the two existing modules: RAISE, which enables anonymous conversations between staff and management to facilitate raising ideas and concerns and DISCUSS which provides anonymous discussion boards. 

Interlinking of the modules enables organisations to encourage enhanced feedback on areas which MEASURE indicates could be improved.

dashboard view of results from Measure module employee engagement survey question

All modules protect staff identity to enhance candour and usefulness of feedback.

“Each module can be used individually, and smart linkage enables organisations to leverage input from their teams whilst carefully protecting the identities of users.”

Tim Martin, WorkInConfidence CEO. 

Tim continued:

Organisations will be able to proactively survey staff, run checks on key themes and see changes over time as well as empowering staff to discuss or raise whatever they feel they need to in a safe environment. This further develops our mission to enhance staff voice, management understanding and deliver more involved workplaces

WorkInConfidence: MEASURE is available to all existing clients. Contact [email protected] for a demonstration of how WorkInConfidence can enhance people involvement within your organisation. 

WorkInConfidence PULSE platform underpins a healthy culture by redefining how you connect, engage and communicate with your people. Protect your people by providing a secure environment for sharing issues or ideas. Understand and Learn about the health of your organisation with regular real-time measurements; Share and Excite by diving in, top to bottom, bottom to top and side to side where teams offer instant feedback on improvements and direction.