Looking for a LTR with someone that has a GSOH?
In that sense recruiting a new employee is a lot like finding a new partner. To find someone that you want to be with and gets on with your friends is an important baseline for love but similarly when recruiting you want someone that you can work with and gets on with the rest of the team. However, there probably isn’t the need for any new recruit to be vetted by your parents!
Before joining SpeakInConfidence I worked for a company that produced software for the recruitment sector. Used by consultants it was highly sophisticated whilst at the same time being very simple in that all it needed to do was accurately match people looking for work with those offering work.
Commonly the way that recruitment software works is by looking at a candidate’s CV (or “parsing” as it is called in recruitment software parlance) and extracting pertinent information from it, such as skills, education and the like. Then all a consultant needs to do is search for keywords that either appear on a job specification or from a conversation with a client and out comes a list of potential candidates.
This is very similar to how dating sites work in trying to match your interests with others on the site in the hope that your love of thrash metal will mean that you’re the ideal partner for someone who adores Metallica. Of course, there is very much more to it than that as you search for that elusive “spark”.
Over the years that I have been recruiting and interviewing I have learnt one key lesson and that is never to hire someone that you are not 100% certain about. That applies even if you are desperate to fill a role because that compromise is bound to come back and bite you at a later date – I know because I have been caught out before. And just like dating you will know when you have the right person for that LTR as you will feel that “spark”.
Of course, you could always get the candidate vetted by your parents, they always have a view!

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