Today is International Men’s Day – So what you may be thinking – but here’s the thing, by raising awareness of topics like toxic masculinity and celebrating the positive role models – we will change the culture.  It’s our responsibility to educate the workplace and improve gender equality and push through change so that one day – it will simply not be an issue anymore – and our future generations will look back and think – really?  Why was that accepted in those days!  But… we still have a long way to go before then and there is much work to be done. Awareness Days like today are fantastic opportunities to focus the mind and examine your own back garden.

Taking the first objective of International Men’s Day; To promote positive male role models –  Let’s build a picture of what he should “ideally” represent in a leadership role in today’s workplace?

  • Integrity – he’d never make sexist or discriminating remarks – treats everyone on the team equally with respect, always polite.
  • Active listener – shows the ability to really listen to the members of the team and encourage them to be open and feel safe raising concerns or ideas.
  • Recognises good work and rewards team members, is not afraid to communicate where improvements need to be made. He will work with the team to agree incentives to achieve these goals.
  • Inspires and leads by example – he knows that a good workplace culture comes from the top down
  • Has a definite understanding around expectations of himself, the organisation, his peers and the team he manages
  • Firm but fair
  • Immediately calls out anyone who behaves in an unacceptable way through the appropriate processes – no exceptions
  • Advocate for employee health and wellbeing, being sensitive of mental health issues and stress related illnesses. He is open and not afraid to share experiences
  • He is not a bully.
  • He knows that results are driven by engaging and inspiring staff members through open communication and team work.
  • He is a leader – who is seen, approachable, involved and engaged with his team members – they respect him
  • Consciously strives to improve gender relations and inequality – embraces diversity within the team
  • Regularly asks for feedback from team and is continually improving communication to stimulate growth within a safe and better environment

He sounds amazing – can you say you have ever experienced workplaces with managers like that? Great if you have, we would love to hear from you and find out how you would define a positive role model.

However we know from #MeToo and similar movements there can be an ugly side too.  A side where positive role models aren’t always in charge and unacceptable behaviours happen.

Of course, these characteristics are not gender specific.  The same qualities can apply whichever gender is in the leadership role, but today is International Men’s Day!

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Let’s create and celebrate positive role models within role organisations and lead the way to a better, brighter, safer workplace culture. Finish the phrase “I am a man who ………” let’s hear from you on our social media channels and remember to use #IMD2019 and @inconfidence

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