WorkInConfidence is pleased to share news of law firm, Travers Smith’s latest domestic abuse policy for employees. The policy has been launched in recognition of the increase in reported domestic abuse incidents UK wide since the outbreak of COVID-19. It aligns with the Firms values and supplements existing support structures such as its Mental Health First aiders and anonymous engagement platform. 

Travers Smith has sought guidance from domestic abuse charity SafeLives in drafting the policy and delivering online training. The firm’s established support channels, such as WorkInConfidence’, anonymous communication platform PULSE, are available to facilitate speaking up, as well as paid leave arrangements and a Domestic Abuse response toolkit for those in need. 

Travers Smith implemented WorkInConfidence PULSE within its business in July 2019. At the time, Moira Slape, HR Director at Travers Smith, spoke about how WorkInConfidence aligned with their organisational culture:

“As a firm, we feel confident that we’ve got existing strong, robust communication channels in place, and we already encourage all of our staff to speak openly if they do have any concerns or issues in the workplace. But we wanted to further develop that offering and make sure people felt comfortable that they could come forward in any circumstance. So, if for any reason somebody felt uncomfortable or nervous then they had an alternative communication channel that was confidential and anonymous.”

WorkInConfidence CEO Tim Martin, said:

“It is great to see partners like Travers Smith continually evolving their employee support and engagement programmes. This domestic abuse policy is timely and reflective of the fact that it can affect anyone. We are delighted that Travers Smiths employees are able to access additional support.  Where necessary, we are fundamental in preserving anonymity if employees need that. This was the purpose behind PULSE.”

WorkInConfidence, PULSE is an anonymous portal, offering candid engagement from staff members at all levels of an organisation. By encouraging a culture of feedback, workplace issues get resolved before they damage reputations, and every employee feels that their voice can be heard and is valuable. For more information about WorkInConfidence or any other aspect of the WorkInConfidence suite of employee engagement products, contact [email protected]

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