As 2019 comes to an end – we take a look back over the last 12 months and see what topics and HR areas of interest we covered throughout the year (in case you missed them first time round)!

Employee Health & Wellbeing

January topic and HR area of interest 2019 saw a focus on workplace wellbeing.  We asked the question; Do you think you should be responsible for influencing employee health and changing behaviour?

Considering that your employees spend more of their time with you than they do with their families, then yes, absolutely we think it’s your job and in your best interests to make sure they are happy, healthy and productive during their employment with you. That doesn’t just mean you put a free bowl of fruit in the staff room, and hope for the best, job done!  Find out what can be easily achieved to grow a good workplace wellbeing culture in your organisation.

Mental Health

TimetoTalk logo

February has one of my favourite awareness days – #TimetoTalk.  Lots of companies up and down the country put on events and make time to have a chat to their employees and openly talk about mental health issues, what’s stressing them and how they are feeling generally.  We should hope that one day this will come naturally and we don’t have to wait for social media prompting us. We are a long way off, but progress is being made in the right direction and progress is good and should be celebrated. Well done to all of you who get behind this one. If you need any further reasons why you should get on board with this, have a look at our infographic

Key Measures

In March, we dived into your what your employees’ sense of purpose, values and training & development aspirations are.  We created a guide with all the with key questions which you can use to gain candid feedback from your staff on these key areas.  If you didn’t take us up on it, don’t miss out and download it for next year. If you are in the NHS, April is the month the NHS staff survey results are published and you can find out how your local Trust performed on areas such as communications with staff and bullying and harassment here.


This is an area where the UK is lagging behind as you can see from our infographic. This has been a key topic and HR area of interest during 2019 and we expect to see more action taken to tip the scales in 2020. In May we published a guest blog from Tamsin Regnes who is a Certified Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI®) Practitioner. Tamsin shares 3 tips around diversity in personality types and how you can create fantastic teams making the most of peoples’ strengths and weaknesses.

Speaking Up and Listening in 2019

Do you have the art of “Active Listening” – if not we have some great tips for you to learn how. We also ask “Are you hearing what’s not being said?” Understand body language and how to read it.  You also gain from adopting appropriate channels to listen to and we offered some advice on building a successful speaking up process  which is available as a free ebook to download. October also saw a huge national focus on raising the profile of the fantastic work all the Freedom to Speak Up Guardians do within NHS England Trusts.

Topics and HR areas of interest - know the law around whistleblowing

Whistleblowing Laws

The EU has brought in new legislation which has implications for all companies here in the UK  who employ 50+ staff. Find out more information about what you need to do to comply here.  We will be keeping a close eye on whether these provisions have effect in the UK in 2020. We also had a guest blog from solicitors Herrington Carmichael LLP on the definition of whistleblowing and the criteria you need to meet in order for the law to protect you – it is well worth knowing the facts, otherwise it could be a costly mistake.


This month our focus is on getting your onboarding processes right – this is one for taking forward with all your new recruits to ensure that you keep them and keep attracting the best in the future.  Our questionnaire giveaway ensures you ask the right questions of your new recruits to get them off to the right start. – You’re welcome!

Do you have an idea for topics and HR areas of interest for 2020?

Well!! That is quite a lot of content on topics and HR areas of interest to digest over the Festive break – enjoy and remember WorkInConfidence can support your business growth and development in understanding and engaging with your staff in all of these key areas – just pick up the phone and let us know how we can help.

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Have a fantastic Christmas and a very prosperous 2020 from all the team here.

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