So you’ve put in the hours in your final year of University to get yourself a well deserved degree in Marketing, Engineering, Law, or whatever else it may be. All those late night sessions in the library fueled by copious amounts of energy drinks and coffee, have earned you the title of ‘graduate’. I graduated in June 2015, and the satisfaction of finally landing my first graduate role after a few months of searching was extremely exciting, and has so far been thoroughly rewarding.
I’ve been fortunate enough to already gain a huge amount of valuable experience whilst having daily influence on a variety of campaigns and projects. But most importantly, I’m happy at work, and I have a ‘voice’.
As a graduate, do you feel like your voice can be heard as equally as others? Do you struggle to get your views across?
Just because you’re a graduate it doesn’t mean you aren’t important
Just because you’re a graduate and have less experience than some of your colleagues or managers, it doesn’t mean that your input isn’t valuable. In a time where it is becoming increasingly difficult for graduates to even get a job, the last thing you want is to find yourself in a role where you feel demotivated, isolated, or without a voice. In fact, your voice is probably just as important as any senior staff member.
Quite often, graduates find themselves in a predicament where they are unsure, or maybe slightly afraid, of speaking up when an issue or problem arises. That’s certainly not something that is only limited to graduates, it’s not unknown that UK employees in general, have trouble letting their true feelings known in the workplace.
However, the damaging impact of a graduate not speaking up and being confident in what they say or feel, can having a lasting impact on how they approach, not only their current role, but their entire professional career.
Graduate roles exist to give YOU a voice
Graduate roles and internships are there for a reason. Yes, they give companies the opportunity to bring fresh talent on board from the ever growing pool of highly skilled students, but they also serve the purpose of giving you, the graduate, the opportunity to settle into a professional workplace.
Getting up to speed with a hectic schedule, building professional relationships, and growing your confidence are all part of being a graduate. If you’re not experiencing this, or not having the opportunity to grow as a professional, you might be feeling unhappy in your current role, and possibly lacking enthusiasm.
The high’s and low’s of being a graduate
As a graduate, you will almost certainly experience some thrilling high’s, and equally, some demoralising low’s. After nearly 6 months of exposure to a selection of professional environments as a graduate, I can wholeheartedly say one of the toughest things I’ve had to do has been to address an issue at work which has been bothering me on a personal and professional level.
It was a low point in what had been an incredibly insightful and fascinating first few months as a graduate. I’d lost my eagerness, and didn’t quite have the sharpness I’d come to expect of myself. Unsurprisingly, there are signs that you may be heading in the same direction, particularly if you’re;

  1. Struggling to get out of bed in the morning, and lacking motivation
  2. Procrastinating at work, and feeling the urge to be somewhere else
  3. Dreading the thought of another week of work
  4. Feeling bored, or disengaged

How difficult you find it to speak up and talk to your manager, team leader, or CEO, can certainly be influenced by your personality, but largely, most graduates will inevitably experience some fear or nervousness the first time they do.
Don’t linger, speak up in confidence and be heard
Believe me, speaking up and making sure your voice is heard at work will be the best thing you do today. However, if you feel that the issue may be too personal, or you’d prefer to raise the issue when colleagues aren’t around, you may want to consider the following.
MakeMyWorkBetter is a ground breaking platform from WorkInConfidence that allows you to send you boss an anonymous message. As a graduate your voice is important, and quite often you’ll be able to view your team, or office, from a perspective that nobody else can. That’s where MakeMyWorkBetter can help you get your views across, securely and privately, to your boss or team leader.
The beauty of this system is that because it guarantees anonymity, you don’t need to fear any finger pointing, colleagues gossiping or social stigma. It allows you the cathartic process of getting stuff off your chest, safe in the knowledge that the issue, idea or concern is now safely in your boss’s hands.
Ensure you’re making the most of your time as a graduate and have a voice in the workplace. In the right environment, you can lay the foundations for an exciting and rewarding career, so go and make 2016 one to remember.

Protect: Anonymous Speak Up: A safe and secure way for your people to anonymously raise concerns via phone, tablet, or PC, ensuring you are aware of any workplace issues and can respond quickly and accordingly

Consolidated Case Management: A secure online place to record, track, update, and report on all speaking up matters, whether raised through WorkInConfidence or directly.

Surveys: Easily set up, run and interpret surveys on engagement, respect, wellness or other topics to ensure you always understand your people, their needs and motivations.

Discussion Boards: Demonstrate your commitment to collaboration with discussion boards to accelerate employee engagement and gain greater insights – anonymous if required.