What Do They Have in Common?

What makes a company a good company to work for? There are a number of surveys that seek to find an answer to the question of which are the best to work for but not what connects them.
Probably the best known survey in the UK is the Sunday Times’ Best Companies to Work for which has run annually since 2000. This surveys staff in companies of all sizes asking questions on topics such as how employees feel about the head of the company and its senior managers and how staff feel about the stress, pressure and the balance between their work and home duties.
This year EE won the award for being the best big company to work for. It also was named by Which? as the worst performing mobile operator for customer service. This seems to indicate that there is no correlation between staff and customer satisfaction so what did earn then the Best Business accolade?

A Visionary Leadership Team

A similar survey, carried out by Glassdoor, looked at what these companies had in common. The first thing they found was that these best businesses all had a vision and further that they also had a strong CEO to communicate that vision. It’s not enough to just have a mission statement. People have to buy into it and having the management team truly belive in it and been seen to do so is a great start. Can you say that about your organisation?

Hiring and Retaining Great People

So the business has a vision and everyone knows the direction of travel.  Now you need to empower those people to deliver on that vision.
Glassdoor found that companies that had a culture aligned to their vision lead to higher employee engagement and a better performing business overall.
Additionally you need to ensure that those you hire into the business are a good fit and not just filling a seat. Jessica Rohman, Director of Content at San Francisco-based Great Place to Work, asks “When hiring, are you asking, ‘Will this person align to the values of the organization, will they push our company’s purpose forward?’”

Openness and Ability to Admit Mistakes

Just as no individual is perfect the same applies to organisations too. What Glassdoor found was that how an organisation responded to an issue determined how well they were scored by their employees. This could be as simple as responding positively and openly to comments raised on public platforms such as Glassdoor’s own.
Equally ensuring that everyone within the organisation has the opportunity to speak up and is responded to positively is also important.
Rohman again “Even if they’re not in a leadership role, employees (at great companies) are given a voice and their ideas are heard and respected. When problems are solved this way, there’s a great deal more buy-in because everyone has had a hand in the solution”.

Be the Best Business You Can

No matter the size of your organisation you can ensure that you follow the path of those who have made the Best Companies to Work For list with those simple changes.
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