Tackling Sexual Harassment at Work

Is your workplace harassment free?

Sexual harassment may have been brought to the fore by Harvey Weinstein and events in Parliament but it has been widespread in the UK and often unchecked for some time.

The Horrifying Statistics

In 2016 the TUC/Everyday Sexism Project found that:

  • % of women who experienced sexual harassment at work 52% 52%
  • % of women aged 18-24 years old that have experienced sexual harassment at work 63% 63%
  • % that felt able to tell their employer about what was happening 20% 20%
Reasons for Not Raising
  • % who thought reporting would negatively impact on their relationships at work 28% 28%
  • % too embarrassed to talk about it or felt they would not be taken seriously 20% 20%
  • % that said it could negatively affect their career prospects 15% 15%

Is your workplace harassment free?

Given the prevalence of sexual harassment at work – and how it has been passing unchallenged – are you sure you are free of it?

The affects

  • Damaged lives
  • Loss of morale
  • Damaged reputations

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