Tackling Bullying at Work

Is your workplace bully free?

Bullying destroys lives and corporate reputations. Bullying in legal firms is far more common than you may realise.

Bullying at Work Statistics

In 2015 a Slater and Gordon Survey found that:

  • % of people have witnessed, or been the victims of, workplace bullying 60% 60%
  • % of victims and witnesses that acted on the evidence 48% 48%

An example from the legal profession (Legal Week 2015):

  • % who thought workplace bullying is an issue firms need to address more vigorously 91% 91%
  • % who have personally experienced bullying at work 55% 55%
  • % that have witnessed workplace bullying of others 78% 78%

Is your workplace bullying free?

Workplace bullying takes lots forms – verbal abuse, unfair treatment, exclusion or denial of promotion and training.

The Costs

If unchecked bullying reduces performance, increases staff churn, reduces your ability to hire, damages your reputation and can ultimately lead to costly legal claims.

ACAS estimates bullying costs the UK economy £18billion annually – that is roughly £600 per employee. How much is that costing you?

SpeakInConfidence is the leading anonymous communications platform making it easy for staff to discuss concerns and ideas with management from bullying and harassment to whistleblowing/pre-whistleblowing to fair treatment or engagement.

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