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Mock up of Sue Ryder case study on how employee surveys have been implemented to improve their company model and culture

Sue Ryder was set up in 1952 with the opening of a care home in Suffolk. It’s now a leading national charity, with more than 3,000 staff and 11,000 volunteers working across the UK. Alongside its hospices and neurological care centres, Sue Ryder also provides specialist homecare and a range of community-based services.

Sue Ryder shops, of which there are more than 450, help to raise awareness and support the work of the charity – many of these are in prominent high street locations. The charity has three regional offices based in London, Sudbury and Doncaster.


Sue Ryder dedicates itself to cultivating staff engagement and is always on the lookout for improved ways to communicate with staff. With thousands of employees working across the UK in many different areas, it is important that any chosen solutions can be tailored to suit these needs.

Management at Sue Ryder understood the benefits of employee engagement surveys but needed a bespoke solution. Specifically, they were searching for something with the flexibility to include questions that aligned with Sue Ryder’s unique vision and values. Sue Ryder was seeking to work with a company that understood these needs and would provide a personalised, tailor-made service.


  • Distribute a bespoke employee engagement survey with well-researched questions reflecting what was important to Sue Ryder
  • Achieve a high completion rate with thorough, actionable results
  • Ascertain what is important to staff in order to enhance working environments


After researching potential solutions, Sue Ryder felt that WorkInConfidence Understand & Learn offered the flexibility they needed, while also being right for their budget.  Before the first engagement survey was distributed in 2016, a representative from WorkinConfidence attended a meeting with Sue Ryder’s Engagement Champions to seek their feedback on the proposed survey questions. “Tim was really happy to talk to our Engagement Champions about what we were planning, and that was really useful for us,” said Liz Meineck, Sue Ryder’s People and Performance Manager. 

Sue Ryder distributed its second WorkInConfidence Understand & Learn engagement survey in January 2017, with all staff invited to take part either online or through printed copies made available to those without computer access.


Thanks to careful preparation and distribution, the latest WorkInConfidence Understand & Learn survey received the charity’s highest participation rate yet.

By asking questions tailored to staff, WorkInConfidence Understand & Learn has given Sue Ryder the opportunity to focus on what their people feel is important. “WorkInConfidence Understand & Learn engagement surveys have given us a good picture of what’s working – what people like about working for Sue Ryder – but also what the challenges are,” Liz explained. The survey has made it possible for management to pinpoint the ways to create better working environments for staff.”


For Sue Ryder, introducing WorkInConfidence Understand & Learn surveys has been instrumental in improving staff experiences and has helped management to concentrate on areas that staff really care about. “It helps us to focus on what’s important to people and know where to put our energies,” Liz explained. 

Following the results of the latest survey, Sue Ryder is creating an organisational action plan, starting with senior management, that will be communicated throughout the business. All staff will be made aware of the areas that are being worked on, with each team maintaining regular meetings with staff to keep an open dialogue. Sue Ryder’s network of Engagement Champions will communicate key messages and ensure that feedback will reach the right people.

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