Enhancing your engagement, governance and understanding

Ensure that any member of your staff can easily and anonymously discuss concerns, problems or ideas.

Experience the instant advantages associated with a deeper understanding of your organisation and staff. Reap the benefits of more significant employee engagement and improved governance.

From regulation (PIDA, Bribery, Modern Slavery, Whistleblowing, Freedom to Speak Up) to fair treatment (bullying, harassment, equality and diversity) and employee engagement, SpeakInConfidence can help give your employees a voice and you the ability to understand them.

SpeakInConfidence – the online anonymous communications platform. 


Ensure that any member of your staff can easily and anonymously discuss concerns, problems, or ideas.

Pre Whistleblowing

Facilitating the opportunity to raise concerns easily means you are more likely to identify and address problems early.

Bullying & Harassment

Workplace bullying is on the increase in the UK and costs up to £18bn annually (ACAS, Nov 2015) – That’s £600 per employee!

Diversity & Inclusion

72% of staff hear discriminatory comments each month – of these, 62% feel unable to do anything about it.


It’s not only problems that get buried. How often have great ideas failed to surface because staff had no means to escalate them?


Around 35% of the UK workforce is fully engaged –  A small increase would save UK businesses £26bn annually.

Meet Legal Requirements

The Bribery Act 2010, the Public Interest Disclosure Act 1998, etc. – make sure your staff can speak up.

Unfiltered Feedback

Ensure that any member of your staff can contact senior managment directly – without fear or filter.

Why SpeakInConfidence?

Organisations are facing increased risk from all areas.  How much visibility do you have?

Risks can be institutional, often across compliance, finance, and HR.

Allow your team to easily and anonymously converse on concerns, problems, or ideas without fear or filter.


Low engagement, poor governance, and under-performance present opportunities for you to improve your workforce culture every day. We offer a comprehensive range of solutions.

Easy to Use

Our services are all designed to be easy to use for employees, stakeholders, and administrators

Highly Trusted

We deliver solutions that your employees and stakeholders can trust – so they can give you candid input

Actionable Insights

We ensure that everything we do for you delivers clear, actionable insights

We care

We’re passionate about creating better working environments.  We hope you are too.


No time consuming or costly installation needed while benefiting from seamless system updates.


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