Calculate the Cost of non-Work Activities in your Organisation

It is inevitable that staff within every organisation are going to have to take time to deal with non-work tasks. This could be the call they have to make to organise a plumber or an unexpected call from the nursery to say that their child is sick.

Most employers accept this as a natural part of running the business but what is it costing your organisation and what does a quick check of Facebook add to this? Use the calculator below to give you an idea.

Number of employees in your organisation: 
Total per Annum (£)
Based on employees your organisations total wage bill1 is estimated to be
Cost of time lost due to use of mobile phones for non-work activities2
Cost of time lost due to attending to personal tasks, such as errands2
Cost of non-work related activites on social media (adjusted to exclude time on social media on phone)3

The above is based on a UK average salary of £26,400. If the average salary in your organisation is higher then the cost will, of course, be higher.

1Average annual salary of £26,400 plus 30% on cost (NI, admin, support)