There probably isn’t a day that passes without an email dropping into my inbox asking me to leave some feedback on something that I have bought or how it was packaged. Have you considered surveying staff more frequently?
Ratings are vitally important for both buyers and sellers on platforms such as eBay and Amazon as it affects their ability to continue to trade on those platforms and the fees they pay. These messages come soon after the purchase, are often sent multiple times and are insistent.
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Your Feedback is Important to us

Maybe your company has also sent out your own surveys, probably though the ubiquitous platform SurveyMonkey, asking your clients for feedback on a variety of topics on anything from how the sales process was to their thoughts on your support representatives.
It is easy to understand why companies place so much store by this surveying the responses that are gleaned provide a valuable insight for the company into all aspects of the interface between the organisation and the outside world, the all important customers.
This data helps drive new product development, how the sales team work, tells you which marketing campaigns worked and which didn’t, which products receive the most support calls and how well the organisation is dealing with them.
Data from feedback is incredibly powerful to help drive the business forward.

Consider Surveying Staff more than Annually

Surveying employees seems to be a stark juxtaposition to the frequency that organisations survey their prospects and clients. According to a report from HR Zone conducted in 2014 less than 25% of companies survey their staff more than once a year.
Given the vast amount of valuable data companies collect from surveying consumers think what can be gleaned from regularly surveying staff.
Here are some examples of trigger events organisations could use for surveying staff:

  • as staff enter and exit the office with a simple smiley face input to assess mood
  • after attending a company or departmental meeting to assess usefulness
  • after a face-to-face meeting such as an appraisal to get feed back on the appraising manager
  • offer the chance to give simple feedback at the end of company all-staff emails.

This surveying staff doesn’t have to be onerous as there are a number of tools available to help with this including our own PulseInConfidence but this continual assessment will feedback valuable data that can drive the performance of the business.

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