Enabling candid references so you can get hiring right 

Job referencing didn’t work – so we changed it to give you references you can rely on.

Getting the right people is one of the most challenging times for an organisation. The right cultural fit, the right competence fit, the right personal fit.

Get any of these wrong and you can cause chaos. Hiring mistakes are costly and can devastate your culture and performance. We reduce that risk.

ReferenceInConfidence enables referees to give candid feedback – allowing you to make more informed hiring decisions.

The Problem With New Hire Referencing

References Are Important

Getting a mid-senior level hire wrong can cost £10k – £75k per time

... But Unreliable

More than 50% of referees “mark-up” job candidates to avoid legal or relationship issues

... And Untrusted

A staggering 75% of managers feel they can no longer rely on references

And time consuming

Many previous employers avoid reference calls or just pro forma references

We Changed it to be Useful

Generate a Questionnaire

Create position specific online questionnaire in a couple of minutes

Applicant adds referees

The applicant adds referees taking the burden off you (you can specify criteria)

Candour Encouraged

Our unique system of aggregating and anonymising referee input encourages candour by referees

Insightful Reports

Within 2 or 3 days the you get an insightful reference on line to properly inform your decision

How It Works

Why ReferenceInConfidence

Getting the right people is one of the most challenging areas for an organisation, hiring mistakes are costly potentially impacting culture and performance. We diminish that risk for our clients.


Engagement, governance and performance is an opportunity for you every day – so we offer a comprehensive range of solutions

Easy to Use

Our services are all designed to be easy to use for employees, stakeholders and administrators

Highly Trusted

We deliver solutions your employees and stakeholders can trust – so they can give you candid input

Actionable Insights

We ensure that everything we do for you delivers clear, actionable insights

We Care

Helping create better working environments is something we are passionate about.  We hope you are too

Cloud Based

No time consuming or costly installation needed – but you still get the benefit of system upgrades

Our Packages

Note: Above prices are exclusive of VAT which will be added where appropriate.

Some of our Clients

What Clients Say

As an early stage, rapidly growing company, it is critical that every new employee is the right employee.  We are now hiring beyond our known network so it is critical we get honest feedback, ReferenceInConfidence give us this security as well as invaluable added insight. The service was easy to use and intuitive, saving us time and valuable resources.

Joe Stephens

CEO , Whispering Gibbon

For anyone involved in the hiring process, I would strongly recommend that they use ReferenceInConfidence. The tool has been a great addition at Jenson Solutions, and is not only quicker, easier and cheaper than the manual approach that it replaced, but definitely delivers higher quality insight in an easy to consume report.

Victoria Powell

Jenson Solutions