Ensure people can easily raise concerns with our anonymous communications system

  • Empower your people to speak up
  • Remove fear of repercussions
  • Uncover harassment, bullying, safety or other challenges

Enable your people to speak up today

RAISE and Resolve

The challenges

Not knowing what’s going on in your organisation can be costly.  Poor behaviours go unchallenged, poor treatment goes unchecked, problems go unreported and great ideas get missed. The result – disengaged staff, damaged performance and increased risk

Over half of women experience sexual harassment at work, 79% do not report it

60% of people have witnessed or been victim to workplace bullying, only 48% are able to act

72% of employees hear discriminatory comments monthly,  62% of those do not act

Bullying costs the UK an estimated £18 annually    (ACAS)

The benefits 

WorkInConfidence’s anonymous communications system makes it easier for staff to speak up and give feedback.  We enable you to understand and develop your teams, enhance engagement and reduce risk

The WorkInConfidence web app lets your people contact the appropriate manager directly and anonymously

 You are more likely to retain and motivate people if they feel part of an organisation which listens and cares

We remove the fear of repercussions and open up a two way conversation when things might otherwise go unreported

Brings issues to your attention earlier in the day before they escalate, allowing you to manage the situation effectively

The features

WorkInConfidence is quick and easy to set up and intuitive for users and managers. Users can contact management anonymously.  Accessbile from any device 24 hours a day, giving your people the assurance that they can raise concerns whenever they need

Cloud based so no installation process. You can be up and running in a matter of hours

Mobile optimised and highly trusted so your people are comfortable using any time

Easily managed and highly configurable through online admin panel and highly secure

Clear central reporting gives valuable learning and actionable insights

What our customers say

“Before SpeakInConfidence, our grass-roots staff didn’t have an effective mechanism to communicate with HR”                                                                

Abbeycroft Leisure

“SpeakInConfidence is a way of trying to encourage people to use internal mechanisms, to trust us and give us an opportunity to deal with issues”

Download the case study >>

South East Coast Ambulance Service

“SpeakInConfidence means that our staff, wherever they are, can log in, raise an anonymous question, and get an answer the next day”

Download the case study >>

2gether NHS Foundation Trust

RAISE AND RESOLVE is just one part of our industry leading engagement platform. Find out more about how to accelerate your people involvement


Empower your people to raise concerns or ideas anonymously. Never miss a learning opportunity.


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