This month, we’re looking at several topics around Sexual Harassment and BAME discrimination in the workplace.

CIPD survey highlights BAME employees more likely to feel discrimination holds back careers

A recent CIPS survey of 1,290 people in the UK including 700 from black, Asian and minority ethnic (BAME) backgrounds highlighted the barriers for minority staff.
According to the survey, almost one in three black employees believes discrimination has been a factor in their lack of career progression.  This is three times the number of white staff reporting the same issues.
You can see the full CIPD article here.
You should be checking your organisation is on the right track anyway.  If you needed any more prompt though, revisit the findings of the McGregor Smith Review which found that “If BME talent is fully utilised, the economy could receive a £24 billion boost”.

Sexual Harassment Issues Persist

The fall-out from Harvey Weinstein and sexual harassment allegations in Parliament continues.
We understand that the Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) has written to a number of top legal firms, FTSE 100 companies universities, charities and governmental departments following the scandals.
Organisations are asked to provide details of systems and processes to safeguard against sexual harassment. Firms have until 19th January to respond.
Firms are also reminded that where it discovers systematic failings or firms refuse to engage the EHRC can exercise its statutory enforcement powers.
Let us hope that out of this debacle comes some lasting and marked positive change to preventing, spotting and tacking harassment in the workplace.
If you wish to make it easier for your staff to discuss or report harassment or any other concern or idea contact us for a free SpeakInConfidence demo today.

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