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Employee Engagement in the 100 Top Employers

We found Pareto’s blog, The 2 things that the 100 top employers share, well worth a read.
Included were a couple of snippets worth thinking over: 89% of employees felt it was important for their employers to support their learning and development, while 66% went so far as to say they valued learning over monetary increases.
Employees felt their engagement would be improved if they’d experienced a better on-boarding process. Those who were considered engaged had a 66% positive response on the training they’d received whereas only 22% of the disengaged thought they had received effective training.
So spending the effort on onboarding and training is well worth it.

The Costs Of Bad Bosses

Where do we start on this issue? Every wondered what “bad bosses” cost your organisation, in lost productivity, demotivation, lack of focus? Well, add to that list the costs of employee churn and all it entails – re-hiring, the time to get a new hire up the curve, the inherent risk in rehiring.  A recent Glassdoor survey reported by the CIPD suggests that 21% of people have left a job over a bad boss.
Read the full story at People Management Magazine Online.

And finally

Did you notice the release of British Standard 76005 at the end of April? It’s designed to help organisations of every kind improve their performance by improving diversity and inclusion. Our guess is that over the next 24 months an increasing number of organisations will want to know that people they deal with are meeting it.
You can find the full details here:

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