If you like to keep up with the latest in HR and Governance, here’s our monthly round-up. This month, we’ve been interested in the focus on equality and diversity, specifically through reducing the gender pay gap and encouraging the wider promotion of internships.

Gender Pay Reporting

Just in case you missed it, remember that Gender Pay Gap Reporting was introduced in April for private and voluntary sector organisations with 250 or more staff – public sector regulations will follow.  The hope is that these measures will prompt employers will take fast action in order to close or at least reduce the gap.
If you employ 250 or more people, you will be required to show the pay gap between male and female employees each year. Employers will have 12 months to publish the relevant information.
This will mean that customers and employees (both existing and potential) will have access to an organisation’s gender pay gap statistics.
To find out more about Gender Pay Reporting and how it may affect you, a great starting point is the ACAS website.


If you or your organisation offers internships, the recent IPPR report on internships is well worth a read.
According to the report, 11,000 internships are advertised each year – but the true number that takes place is estimated to be as high as 70,000 per year.
The importance of internships is highlighted by the fact that nearly half of employers said candidates who had not had work experience through an internship will “have little or no chance of receiving a job offer” for their organisations’ graduate programmes.  Tie this into the fact that the vast majority of internships seem to be awarded without advertising on loosely based family connections and you can see the drag on social mobility.
As the CIPD observed, “The number of internships available in the UK and their damaging effect on social mobility has been dramatically underestimated.”
The challenge to employers is to advertise widely and openly – this not only helps to improve social mobility but also offers great benefits to organisations by giving them access to a wider talent pool.

Join the conversation

Will your organisation be included in gender pay reporting? Do you currently offer internships? Feel free to get in touch – we’d love to hear your thoughts on either of these subjects.

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