The rising cases of employees’ wellbeing at risk during a mental health crisis

The importance of employees’ mental health and wellbeing in today’s working environment cannot be underestimated or ignored.

Last year, the impact on employees’ mental health was overlooked. The main focus directed largely on understanding and fighting the virus and obtaining access to vaccines to mitigate its impact. 

Great strides have been made in these areas as the cities around us start opening up, but the mental health crisis is worsening across the spectrum – young, old, mothers, fathers, and children have all been noting increases. 

Recent research from the Royal College of Psychiatrists in the UK has revealed that England is in the grip of a mental health crisis due to the pandemic. Record numbers of children, most worryingly, and adults sought help from the NHS last year for problems like anxiety, depression, eating disorders or mental breakdowns.

The number of adults who feel their mental health is at risk is doubling. And while various factors contribute to the mental health crisis, some areas can be easily addressed by providing a platform for people to speak up and speak out and for employers to acknowledge that their feedback has been heard.   

As an employer what can you do? 

The best route to ensuring you are in touch with your employees’ needs and responding to their feedback is to start by listening.  

Employees begin to feel overwhelmed when they fear their employer is not empathetic to the current challenges they might be dealing with, and not all managers and leaders are equipped to have discussions of this nature. 

When there’s no outlet to “vent” or share concerns, the issues can be compounded, leading to lost productivity and, worse, debilitating mental illness.   

Do you have a system in place that encourages open and honest feedback from employees? 

By simply providing a platform for someone to get areas of concern off their chest and be heard can exponentially release the anxiety of a situation; and the feedback might lead to real benefits to the business in the future. 

Mental health has been brought into sharp focus through these recent studies, which is encouraging, but it requires solutions to ensure it does not spiral out of control any further. 

Providing a platform to listen

WorkInConfidence works with companies of all sizes to facilitate prompt, confidential and honest communication within the organisation.  

We strongly believe that the critical first step to any successful organisation is allowing employees to be heard and share their stories safely and securely. WorkInConfidence solutions provide platforms that facilitate two-way engagement – anonymously if necessary – so that companies are positioned to support their employees in the best way possible.  #Startbylistening

Protect: Anonymous Speak Up: A safe and secure way for your people to anonymously raise concerns via phone, tablet, or PC, ensuring you are aware of any workplace issues and can respond quickly and accordingly

Consolidated Case Management: A secure online place to record, track, update, and report on all speaking up matters, whether raised through WorkInConfidence or directly.

Surveys: Easily set up, run and interpret surveys on engagement, respect, wellness or other topics to ensure you always understand your people, their needs and motivations.

Discussion Boards: Demonstrate your commitment to collaboration with discussion boards to accelerate employee engagement and gain greater insights – anonymous if required.