Enhance engagement, performance, retention and wellbeing

  • Create anonymous pulse, mini and full engagement surveys
  • Continuously measure your culture
  • Drive employee satisfaction and performance

Gain greater understanding of your people

MEASURE and Improve

The Challenges

Getting the best from, and doing the best for,  your people is a challenge and an opportunity every day.  We can help give your people greater voice and you greater understanding to meet that challenge every day

It is estimated that poor engagement costs the UK alone up to £60bn per annum

40% of people in the workplace feel their employer does not do enough to engage them

Collectively your workforce know more about what works than central management do

Staff voice is a daily challenge – but when harnessed it’s a daily opportunity

The Benefits

Giving staff a greater voice and management greater insights puts you in a position to move forward with more engaged people, better operational delivery and less risk in your organisation

Engaged employees generate 43% more revenue (Hays)

67% of engaged employees advocate their organisatoin whilst only 3% of the disengaged do (Gallup)

It is estimated engaged employees take an average of 2.7 sick days per year and disengaged 6.2

Engaged employees are 87% less likely to leave. How much does it cost you each time someone leaves?

The Features

We have made it easy to run anonymous pulse, mini and full surveys at any time. Whether it’s a full engagement survey, taking the “pulse” of your team or running a full health check on governance – our Measure and Improve solution fits your needs

Pulse, mini or full surveys all in one place. Can be executed and refreshed at any time

Mobile optimised and highly trusted so your people are comfortable using 

Ability to link across to discussion boards and anonymous speak up to drill down on key areas

Easy to manage and highly configurable. Clear central reporting delivers valuable learning opportunities

What our customers say

“We liked that it is an external organisation, so it’s not just us listening and then interpreting what the staff report. It’s good for us. It’s good for employees – it instils confidence in them. It definitely adds value.”

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“Before SpeakInConfidence, our grass-roots staff didn’t have an effective mechanism to communicate with HR.”                                                                
Abbeycroft Leisure

WorkInConfidence employee surveys have given us a good picture of what’s working – what people like about working for Sue Ryder and also focus on what the challenges are

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Sue Ryder

MEASURE AND IMPROVE is just one part of our industry leading engagement platform. Find out more about how to accelerate your people involvement


Empower your people to raise concerns or ideas anonymously. Never miss a learning opportunity.


Encourage your people to contribute thoughts and ideas any time with anonymous discussion boards.


Run full, mini or pulse surveys. Improve understanding of engagement, governance and training needs.