A Wake Up Call

A recent Institute of Leadership & Management survey showed a frequent mismatch between company values and those of their staff. That could be a problem for you. Chances are, if your people don’t buy into or share your Values they won’t stick and then they are pointless. In this article we run through what the most frequent problems are and give pointers to check your Values are in the right place and working for you.

Ensuring your Values are the foundation for success you need and not meaningless wallpaper.

Institute of Leadership & Management Research

The Institute of Leadership & Management survey showed that of the top ten values held by employees just three were shared by their employers.

Kate Cooper, Head of Research, policy and standards at The Institute noted that the research showed “how disconnected some organisations are from their employees.”

The survey also found a marked gender disparity, with 50% of the top values of men matching those of employers, whilst for women the match was only 30%.

The Institute noted that organisations often held functional values whilst employees values were more based around human aspects such as honesty and doing the right thing.

Getting it Right

So where does this leave values? Out of the window? Valueless?

Far from it. Company values provide a bedrock for an organisation. They should provide clear, easy to use, commonly held set of principles which can always be relied upon to guide the organisation and its people. To be meaningful, they should also be wholly consistent with treatment of all stakeholders.

So what should you be doing?

It’s pretty pointless trying to force onto your people values which are inconsistent with their own. If there is a minor mismatch, you are possibly hiring some of the wrong people. It there is a major mismatch, you probably have the wrong values.

The Institute noted that the top values employees shared with their organisations were integrity, respect and trust. You should consider how important theses are to your staff and you.Review your values and check your people:-

  • Understand your Values.
  • Buy into your Values.
  • Believe the Values you have are the right ones to help your organisation.
  • Believe your people exhibit the Values.
  • Believe your organisation lives it’s values.

In each case, where possible, check whether views are consistent across different groups in your organisation. Your website and / or policies properly address issues like Equality & Diversity. Deciding on Values which appeal to more to men in your workforce far more than women is not a great start (and that applies equally to other groupings).

In each case, let your staff tell you if and where you are off track.

If you find major differences between employee views and the perception of the organisation, you probably need to revisit your Values (or their implementation).

If you haven’t yet got values, but are thinking of implementing them, make sure you involve your people from the start.

Completing the Circle

Finally an area not discussed in The Institute’s survey. External stakeholders. It’s no longer OK to have internal values which don’t align with your external stakeholders. Increasingly, you need to ensure your Values align with those of your customers / clients. You also need to ensure your suppliers align with your Values.

Good luck in checking your Values are in the right place and provide a solid foundation to run a successful organisation on.

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