In business, portraying a consistent and trustworthy brand to your employees is key. Culture is important, and customers like to see it. That’s why it is vital that every employee buys into your company culture, that they are fully invested in it. If they’re not, then how can you expect them to portray that consistent culture and brand to your customers?
So how do you make sure all your employees are fully engaged with your culture, and that they feel valued every time they come to work? It all starts with filling vacancies with the right people. Get this wrong – hire a person who doesn’t fit your culture – and everything else becomes much harder. That’s why many companies take two key steps when hiring… hiring for personality over experience, and recruiting from within.
Hiring for personality
Of course, a certain level of experience is vital in many roles, but it is the people that make the business. If an employee doesn’t fit in with your brand and culture then it doesn’t matter how experienced they are, they will struggle to be a success. That is why you should work on the principle of hiring for personality, training for skill. That way you ensure your company culture remains strong throughout the business.
Aside from creating a stronger company culture, hiring less experienced candidates into roles other companies would not necessarily consider them for empowers and engages them. you may find that the work these employees put in, knowing they can really make a difference, often amounts to far more than that of an objectively more experienced employee.
Recruiting from within
Hiring for personality is all part of a hiring strategy that sees employee culture built from the bottom. The second part of this strategy is to promote from within. Where hiring externally can mean a new employee having to adapt to the company way, promoting from within means you already know the person fits the company, meaning you only have to help them prepare for the new role.
This is a key engagement tactic. What incentive do employees have to put their all in for a company when they see external candidates constantly being hired for the roles they feel they would be perfect for? A company where the employees feel there is faith in them to do a job is a company where the workforce will endeavour to always work their hardest.
If you fail to put value into creating a company culture, and fostering employee engagement, you employees will not feel valued. When this is the case – when they don’t feel as though they can achieve their goals at your organisation, or they don’t fit in with your culture or brand – they won’t work hard to keep your business moving forward and to keep your customers happy. So always start with your employees, get that culture right, make them feel valued. After that, they’ll take care of your customers for you.

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