Sometimes you might want an external phone contact for when your people wish to speak with a trained individual from outside of the organisation

  • Dedicated number to call
  • Trained responders
  • Available office hours

Available as an add-on to WorkInConfidence PROTECT

External Speak-up Phone Line

Dedicated Phone Number

We provide you with a dedicated phone number available 08:00 – 18:00 weekdays where your people can speak with an appropriately trained contact adept at dealing with speaking up matters.

As you are provided with a nominated contact, rather than purely a switchboard, if the contact is unavailable the staff member will be contacted within 24 hrs.


Fully Trained Responders

External Contacts are trained in handling and helping with speaking up matters. They have usually held roles as Freedom to Speak Up Guardians in the NHS.


Comprehensive reporting

Details of cases will be securely recorded in our Consolidated Case Management system and regular reporting can be provided and consolidated with cases reported through WorkInConfidence.

Safe & Secure

Like everything WorkInConfidence do the confidentiality and security of your data is of upmost importance.

WorkInConfidence PULSE platform underpins a healthy culture by redefining how you connect, engage and communicate with your people.


Provide a safe and secure environment for your people to raise issues and surface concerns so you can resolve them quickly


Run a wide range of topical polls and surveys to really gain an understanding of how your people are feeling


Ask your people for ideas on topics that you would like feedback on and make everyone feel a valued part of your team