East & North Hertfordshire NHS Trust Providing services for around 500,000 local people with the regional cancer centre supporting around two million people, East and North Herts NHS Trust (ENH) know that their 5000 members of staff are key to providing excellent patient care. As part of a continuous improvement plan for employee relations, ENH have implemented SpeakInConfidence to encourage staff to openly and anonymously communicate suggestions, concerns and issues at the earliest opportunity.

ENH strive for excellence and continuous improvement in all areas of the Trust. Ensuring that the staff are engaged and feel understood is a key part to enabling this improvement. “The Trust recognises the contribution that our staff make and we are always looking for ways to improve communication and the working environment. We have many channels of communication already available such as the recently created Employee Relations Advisory Service – but we wanted to take it further.” Ronnie Davidson, Director of Employee Relations.

A recent staff survey, and feedback from the unions, highlighted that staff had a lot more to contribute to the culture at the Trust. “Through the yearly survey, we became aware that staff had many ideas for improvement along with concerns and issues they wanted to raise, but for whatever reason the specific details weren’t making it through our existing channels.. SpeakInConfidence will enable a secure, anonymous, two way dialogue for staff, directly with senior executives, to raise anything they would like to share. For example, our staff on the frontline have many great suggestions for efficiencies or a member of staff may want to raise a concern about bullying and harassment. SpeakInConfidence gives us an opportunity to understand the facts and for the Trust to assess the situation appropriately and act accordingly.“ Davidson explained.

The Trust was specifically looking to enable anonymous communication, with an opportunity to carry the dialogue on without the initiator needing to identify themselves. “SpeakInConfidence was the only tool we could find on the market which fulfilled our requirements. We liked the ability for the executive to respond and for the conversation to continue anonymously, the ease of use and the fact it was online, meaning that employees could be anywhere.” Davidson continued.

SpeakInConfidence will be rolled out across the whole Trust in September 2015, with promotional activity including posters, leaflets, business cards and staff forums. Initially, staff will be able to direct messages to 10 trained senior representatives from the Trust, including members of the executive team, divisional leaders, employee relations and even union representatives. “We recognise that there may, at times, be a conflict of interest for the union representatives, however, we are keen to include a wide range of representatives in the hope that every employee could find a suitable recipient for their query.” Davidson said.

“ENH is committed to creating an open and honest, productive and efficient working environment for our staff. Using SpeakInConfidence sends a direct message to our staff of the importance we place on them and we look forward to hearing their voice.” Davidson concluded.

About SpeakInConfidence
SpeakInConfidence enables organisations to capture the voice of the employee for positive change. Everyone appreciates being heard and productive engaged employees can positively impact profit. By providing an online communication platform for employees to anonymously share ideas, concerns and comments with all levels of management you can reap the benefits giving you a deep understanding of the mindset and culture of your business.

SpeakInConfidence is changing the way employees views are heard in organisations.

Protect: Anonymous Speak Up: A safe and secure way for your people to anonymously raise concerns via phone, tablet, or PC, ensuring you are aware of any workplace issues and can respond quickly and accordingly

Consolidated Case Management: A secure online place to record, track, update, and report on all speaking up matters, whether raised through WorkInConfidence or directly.

Surveys: Easily set up, run and interpret surveys on engagement, respect, wellness or other topics to ensure you always understand your people, their needs and motivations.

Discussion Boards: Demonstrate your commitment to collaboration with discussion boards to accelerate employee engagement and gain greater insights – anonymous if required.