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Case Study - Protect
Helping Tai Tarian connect with remote staff
With a large number of employees working remotely, Tai Tarian faced the challenge of bringing teams together to provide a streamlined service. A system was needed to capture the voice of all their staff.
Case Study - Understand & Learn
Delivering an employee engagement survey for Sue Ryder
Read how Understand & Learn surveys received the charity's highest participation rate yet and made it possible for management to pinpoint the ways to create better working environments for staff.
Case Study - Protect
Providing peace of mind to Gloucestershire Health & Care NHS Foundation Trust
With a Trust that covers such a wide geographic area and a workforce both on-site and within the community, the Trust wanted to ensure that all staff could report concerns.
Case Study - Understand & Learn
Saving ategi time and costs with an online Understand & Learn survey
ategi chose WorkInConfidence Understand & Learn because it automated the distribution, collation, and interpretation of data in a single process, saving a significant number of work-hours and cost.
Case Study - Protect
Salisbury Plain PCN 'Guards it's Guardian' with a technology safety net
Rolling out WorkInConfidence provided Salisbury PCN an opportunity to re-launch the Freedom to Speak Up Guardian programme. Providing a vital support infrastructure to the Guardian's role.
Case Study -
Somerset NHS Foundation Trust
Somerset NHS Foundation Trust wanted to add an additional feedback and communication channel to increase efficiency and encourage open communication feedback.
Case Study -
Anonymous speak up unlocks engagement at Betsi Cadwaladr
Betsi Cadwaladr University Hospital Board required a trusted solution to provide a platform for staff to speak up and for the health board to facilitate the discussions it so desperately needed to be a part of.