Calculate the cost of

Workplace Bullying


A work-stress survey5, conducted by UNISON City of Glasgow branch using the HSE Stress Management Standards, found that 23% of respondents were always, often or sometimes bullied. Enter the number of employees in the box below to find out the hidden cost of bullying in your organisation.

Number of employees in your organisation: 

Based on the 23% quoted above, in your organisation, that's people potentially being bullied.

Total per Annum (£)
Based on employees your organisations total wage bill1 is estimated to be
Cost of loss of productivity from those being bullied2
Cost of additional sick days taken3
Cost of recruiting and training staff that leave due to bullying4
Legal costs for a modest number of tribunals

The above is based on a UK average salary of £26,400. If the average salary in your organisation is higher then the cost will, of course, be higher.

1Average annual salary of £26,400 plus 30% on cost (NI, admin, support)
25% of staff bullied to extent perform 20% less well
35% of staff take 5 days off per annum due to bullying
41 in 200 staff leaves because of bullying and all in cost of leaving and replacing £15,000