Do a quick search on the internet for employee engagement and you will quickly have enough reading material to last you a life time.
Clearly having an engaged workforce is an important thing, particularly as statistics have shown that at on average at any one time only a third of an organisation’s employees are fully engaged, i.e. they are fully committed to the job at hand and pulling in the right direction.
All organisations want to have motivated, committed employees but perhaps we have been looking at it from the wrong end of the telescope all this time. Instead of employee engagement perhaps what we should be striving for is employer engagement.
Organisations expect employees to be committed but likewise employees also want the same commitment from their employers. In these straitened times that doesn’t necessarily mean job security, the idea of a job for life ceased for most people a while back but employees do want to feel that the organisation they work for is committed to them. How can you achieve this? Here are a few ideas:

  1. Regular, meaningful, reviews – people appreciate feedback on how they are doing and appraisals are a good mechanism for achieving this. But don’t just wait for the annual review…
  2. Recognition for a job well done – if someone has made a great contribution then let them know, here are five ways you could reward them.
  3. Responsibility to be able to do their job without interference – empower your people to ensure that they can do a great job without having to look over their shoulder for approval.
  4. An opportunity to contribute ideas to improve the organisation – here are some thoughts on how you could be inhibiting feedback in your organisation.
  5. Proper communications and meaningful dialogues – are you giving people the right channels to give you feedback? Here are seven ways you could consider.
  6. Good working environment – you are never going to get the temperature just right but well equipped working spaces and natural light go a long way to positivity.
  7. Strong, clear leadership – employees want to feel that management know what they are doing. Are you achieving these six things people want from their business leaders?

Most of the above can be achieved quickly and at little cost but the rewards for the organisation could be enormous. If your organisation could be one that has higher than a third engaged employees you could steal a march on your competition.

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Surveys: Easily set up, run and interpret surveys on engagement, respect, wellness or other topics to ensure you always understand your people, their needs and motivations.

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