Ever felt like a puppet on a string?  Being tossed in all manner of directions and feeling out of control? Well, welcome to the world of being ‘unhappy’ at work. If you know the cause of your unhappiness you are a further along the road to finding a solution than you think. There is nothing worse than being miserable and not being able to put your finger on it.
Most people suffer in silence because…well, quite simply, speaking up is not the British thing to do is it? We wouldn’t want to cause a fuss or upset anyone now would we? But what about your unhappiness, does this not deserve to be addressed?
There really is no time like the present to take a deep breath and make that promise to yourself that you’ll pinpoint your unhappiness at work and take action. Ask yourself, how much longer are you willing to feel unhappy allowing it to take a toll on your mental and physical health.
From a Mother of Three who juggles a hectic family life and a demanding work life, take it from me that life really is what you make of it!  You can sit there and resent everyone and everything around you or you can re-assess where you are and where you want to be. It’s February already and we’ve ten months left of 2016, ask yourself truthfully how are you going to spend it?
Why don’t you put ‘you’ first and tell yourself that you will ‘Make My Work Better’ and be the change you want to see in your life. What’s the worst that can happen? Really….ask yourself, what is it?
The first step when you are ready to address your unhappiness is to pinpoint and reflect on what it is that’s making you so unfulfilled or demotivated at work. Once you get that bit locked down you can move forward to the solution stage and start making some small but ‘big impact’ changes.
Sometimes we just need to peel back our feelings like a layer of an onion, digging a little bit deeper each time to uncover the next layer until we finally get to the very centre of the issue. Below I’ve listed four really common signs that indicate unhappiness at work and one simple solution.
Do you procrastinate?
You’ve every intention of getting your work done but somehow you never really get round to it or you leave it to the last minute knowing the pressure is mounting and then can’t give it your all due to feeling stressed. You know you are not proud of your output but can’t seem to get motivated or enthused.
Procrastination is a massive sign that something is amiss and you are unhappy at work. Heed the warning before it chips away at your self-confidence and becomes a destructive force to your reputation and self-esteem.
You spend Sunday night worrying about Monday morning
Tossing and turning, huffing and puffing on a Sunday night worried about the next workday, Monday! This is where it gets quite dangerous as your stress at work bleeds over into your family or free time. Slowly sucking out the joy from ‘out of work’ moments. If you have a family these relationships can on a really bad day only get meagre scraps of your attention and usually these are ‘irritable scraps’ to say the least. Then the vicious circle starts, then you feel bad / guilty and it becomes self-perpetuating.
This level of stress can manifest itself into physical symptoms such as insomnia, low energy, sore muscles, tension and headaches to name but a few.
You don’t feel like helping co-workers
Ever been in a bad mood and lacked empathy? It’s not uncommon in the workplace for unhappy employees not to help their colleagues due to being in a bad mood. We become very insular when we are not happy; this has a huge impact on how others see you and how you see yourself.
Thin skin and a short fuse come hand in hand with being disgruntled at work. Is your co-worker talking too loudly? Or are you tutting and sighing in front of people about your annoyance at that unwashed coffee cup in the shared kitchen? All of these ‘short on patience’ indicators will show you your unhappiness if you take the time to listen.
Suspicion is looming and time seems to stand still
Whether you are commuting and counting down the hours until you can go home or hopping a short distance to work and daydreaming at the coffee machine about how to get through the day until home time, I am sure you’ll agree, this is not a good sign.
Time seems to slow down the more you will it to speed up – your sense of balance can be completely thrown out the window, making you a prime candidate for suspicious thinking. The more unhappy you are, the more you fear someone getting ‘one over on you’.  If you find yourself thinking ‘what are they up to?” and suspicious of your colleagues motives at every turn then it’s time to ‘speak up’ and straighten out your work life.
So what is the solution?
Well, for some of you this is going to sound really, really scary but believe me when I tell you it doesn’t have to be. Firstly it’s anonymous (so not scary at all really) and secondly once you’ve done it, you’ll feel really empowered. There is nothing quite like pushing your comfort zone. It’s addictive. Go on, try it!
Make My Work Better is a ground breaking platform from WorkInConfidence that allows you to send an anonymous message to your boss.  It’s time to STOP being frustrated and be pro-active in your search for happiness. Why not suggest how to improve your organisation or tell them what is needed from your point of view. The beauty of this system is that because it guarantees anonymity, you don’t need to fear any finger pointing, colleagues gossiping or social stigma. It allows you the cathartic process of getting stuff off your chest, safe in the knowledge that the issue, idea or concern is now safely in your bosses hands.
Come on, just do it! Take control and say what you feel and make the rest of 2016 a year that you can enjoy.

WorkInConfidence PULSE platform underpins a healthy culture by redefining how you connect, engage and communicate with your people. Protect your people by providing a secure environment for sharing issues or ideas. Understand and Learn about the health of your organisation with regular real-time measurements; Share and Excite by diving in, top to bottom, bottom to top and side to side where teams offer instant feedback on improvements and direction.