360Now FAQs


How do I get a new password?

If you forget or lose your password click on the “Forgotten Password” link in the User Login box on the right of each page and enter your email address.

How do I contact 360 Now?

Use the contact page Contact Us.

Can I ask for data on me to be removed from your system?Yes – for further details please see Privacy page

I have been set up to have or to complete an Appraisal. How do I tell what actions I have to carry out?

Any time you are required to complete an Appraisal (your own or for another person) you will receive an email telling you whenever you log into the system it will tell you what actions are required by you.
Who will see my Appraisal?Your Appraisal results can be seen by you, anyone your organisation has set up to run the 360Now system for your organisation and anyone they have asked to approve your Appraisal (the Approver).
An Administrator – Normally a member of the client’s HR department who can add Users to 360Now, check status for any User and see Appraisal results. An organisation can have more than one person as an Administrator.

An Approver – This will be nominated by the Administrator. An Approver is normally a manager of the Appraisee or member of the client’s HR department and is responsible for checking and approving the Appraisees proposed list of Appraisers and reviewing results before release to the Appraisee.

Appraisee – A person who is being appraised using a 360Now Appraisal.

Appraiser – A person completing an Appraisal on another person.

Can how I answer questions be seen by the Appraisee (the person I am appraising)?

Unless it has been made clear to you, answers given by you will always appear aggregated with those of at least one other person (so if you are a person’s peer then with at least one other peer), although if an average mark of, say seven, is given the results will show the spread (e.g. 6 and an 8). If there aren’t at least two people in a tier any answers for that tier will appear combined with those of another tier to protect confidentiality.

Where can I get further information on running the System?

When you log in to your user area you will see guidelines for amending Appraisals, adding Users, running Appraisals and tracking progress. If you have any further questions though you can always contact us at [email protected]