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Tim Martin left careers in Law and Finance to develop and manage businesses. He spoke to dozens of people – from front line staff to FTSE 100 directors and it was clear something was missing in organisations. Problems like harassment and bullying were getting missed, and so were engagement opportunities. Employees were lacking a voice, companies were missing insights. Quickly identifying the gulf between businesses and the right people, Martin set out to build WorkinConfidence – providing a clearer understanding of mission, values, and stronger engagement; turning struggling companies into successful organisations.

What tips would you give to someone aiming for a c-level position? Make sure you get the right balance of finding time for the long-term vision whilst getting the right pieces in place so that day to day operations run efficiently. Get the right people around you.  If they report to you spend time developing them – as well as empowering them to get on with things.  Also make sure you get the right people as sounding boards. If you haven’t got the right people around you fix it quickly. I also think loyalty (two way) and support are at a premium. Finally willing to act quickly and decisively when necessary.

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WorkInConfidence is the industry leading people involvement platform: One place to MEASURE where you are at any time with pulse, mini or full surveys, DISCUSS how to improve on forums and RAISE ideas or concerns anonymously directly with senior management and have an ongoing discussion. Contact us today to find out more or arrange a demonstration.