SpeakInConfidence the staff involvement and speaking up platform today announced its name change to WorkInConfidence.

Commenting on the change, Tim Martin, CEO of WorkInConfidence said:

“We have always been committed to helping create highly engaged, problem free workplaces”.

Tim Martin, CEO, WorkInConfidence

Doing so not only involves enabling staff to easily raise concerns when things go off track, but also helping creating highly involved workplaces where staff contributions to understanding and improvement are always welcome.

The name change fits with recent enhancement to the WorkInConfidence platform to ensure staff can easily help their organisations Measure and Improve where they are, Discuss and Develop how to be the best and Raise and Resolve what’s not working.

Enlightened workplaces don’t just want staff to be able to raise things when they go off track but to be able to be involved all the time in improving and excelling.

We help that process by delivering greater staff voice, in a candid way, at the same time as enhancing management insights.

WorkInConfidence look forward to continuing to help enhance people involvement in our rapidly growing client base.

WorkInConfidence is the industry leading people involvement platform: One place to MEASURE where you are at any time with pulse, mini or full surveys, DISCUSS how to improve on forums and RAISE ideas or concerns anonymously directly with senior management and have an ongoing discussion. Contact us today to find out more or arrange a demonstration.