Understand your staff better to
unlock their true power and


Gain valuable insight from staff on ideas, issues and concerns through anonymous dialogues


Get the immediate benefits of better understanding your organisation and staff, better engagement and better governance.

Your employees are the most important part of your organisation, and if they are not fully engaged and motivated then your productivity is going to suffer – and you don’t need us to tell you what that will do to your organisation’s performance.

If staff cannot raise concerns they may escalate to major problems.

SpeakInConfidence is a system that allows your employees the freedom to interact with senior management or HR, safe in the knowledge that they will remain anonymous unless they decide otherwise.

How it Works

For Organisations 

To get started simply confirm who can receive and answer messages – typically senior managers as well as the email domains you use. Inform your staff you are using SpeakInConfidence (the system and we help you).

Employees using SpeakInConfidence choose who to direct their message to. A notification is sent to the chosen recipient that a message is waiting but they cannot tell who from.

A dialogue can continue until both parties decide that the issue has been resolved. The individual can also decide if they are happy for the dialogue to be available for others to see (optional).

For Individuals 

Your organisation will notify you they have started using SpeakInConfidence including how to access the system.

To register all you need is your work email address. We ask for your work email address so that we can match you with the right organisation – we will never reveal your identity to your organisation.

Once registered you can change your email to your personal address if you wish. In some organisations you can register with a code that allows you to register with a personal email address.

You can send messages to anyone who has been added to SpeakInConfidence to deal with dialogues (for example; managers, HR or board members). A notification will be sent to the person you select, notifying them that there is a message waiting.

Neither the notification emails, nor the system itself will have any information that can identify you. You may continue the dialogue until you are satisfied you have an answer to your question.

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SpeakInConfidence recognises the importance of maintaining the anonymity of users. We have taken great care to make sure every part of the system is secure so that you do not have to worry about it. When security is outside of our direct control, such as on hosted servers, we take steps to ensure that security is of the standard we expect.

Security for Organisations 

This is what we do to keep the system completely secure:

  • All aspects of data security are included in both employee and contractor contracts
  • Data transferred between the client and the server is encrypted using SSL
  • We use a third party to monitor the security of our site
  • All companies have their information and dialogues in separate databases
  • Sensitive data, including messages, is encrypted in the database
  • All passwords are salted and hashed
  • The system insists that users select strong passwords
Security for Individuals 

We make sure that we protect individuals who use our system by:

  • Never revealing your identity to your organisation, manager or anyone else unless a court requires us to do so (because an illegal act has been committed)
  • Not allowing your organisation to see who has and who has not registered for SpeakInConfidence
  • Making sure all information that is sent between your browser and our servers is encrypted
  • Encrypting all sensitive information, including your messages, before storing it on servers
  • Using a third party to monitor the security on our site

If an organisation or an individual has questions about security or would like more detail of our security provisions please contact us.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is my identity really anonymous?

Yes, the identities of staff are never disclosed by the system when engaging in dialogues with managers or when dialogues are published (unless you commit an act which is, or probably is, illegal or we are forced to by law). Your organisation will not even know who has registered. Managers’ identities are only shown when dialogues are directed towards them (so if Manager A starts a dialogue with Manager B then Manager A’s identity would remain anonymous and only Manager B’s would be shown).

Why do I need to register with my work email address?

Your work email address is only required to confirm that you are associated with your organisation (rather than a stranger). This is never disclosed to anyone else through SpeakInConfidence.

I do not appear to be able to register?

Your organisation may have placed a limit on the staff who are able to register on SpeakInConfidence at this time. For more information please contact your organisation’s administrator (if you know) or email [email protected]

Can I have notification emails sent to a different email address?

Yes, you are able to select a different email address to receive your notification emails. This can be changed in the same section of your account where you can also change your password.

I don’t have a company email address, what do I do?

SpeakInConfidence has a system to allow users without company email addresses to register and use the system but this needs to be enabled. Please speak to your company administrator about this.

I have forgotten my password, how can I get a new one?

To request a new password simply follow the ‘Forgotten Password’ link on your organisation’s Login page.

Can I start a dialogue?

Absolutely. See the user guide for more details.

How can I deal with messages that are inappropriate?

A Manager may flag a message as being inappropriate and issue a warning to a sender (who is still anonymous). Suspensions can also be issued (the user is still anonymous though) so the user cannot access the system for a set period.

Can we limit the number of messages managers receive?

Yes. You can choose how many Dialogues each manager can receive each month.

How will I know if a manager isn’t responding to dialogues and comments?

Managers get regular reminders that they have Dialogues waiting to be answered. If, after a period you can set, managers are still not responding, then the organisation administrator gets an email notifying them.

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