enhancing your organisation and engagement by delivering real understanding

Understand your employees and changes in perspectives over time.   PulseInConfidence temperature checks enable you to quickly gain an insightful snapshot on important themes at any point.

Get the immediate benefits of better understanding your organisation and staff and deliver better engagement. 

Don’t leave it to an annual survey.

Easily Set up Questions

With PulseInConfidence you can quickly set up questions.  Log in at any time to check results and progress

Single or Multi Question

You can include single or short threads of questions of differing forms  – scale, text or pick list responses

Staff Can Easily Respond

We make it easy for your team to respond via a link on a website, phone or tablet or by clicking on an email

Monitor Progress

You can see a temperature check at any time or monitor changes in attitude throughout the year giving you control

Popular Areas

On Boarding

Understand new hires.  Do they feel welcome? Do they know their role?  Have they got the right information?

Speaking Up

Do your staff feel they can raise concerns and problems?  If not why not?

Exit Questionnaires

You may be sorry to see people leave – but if you are not capturing why then you are missing an invaluable opportunity.

Topic of the Moment

Keep your finger on the pulse of topical issues – from understanding of strategy to how was the office party.


It is estimated that only 35% of the UK workforce is fully engaged.  Staff engagement is too critical to leave to an annual survey.

Staff Morale

Staff morale can have a huge impact on performance – and personal wellbeing.  Make sure you understand it.

Why PulseInConfidence

Because engagement, governance and performance is a challenge and opportunity for you every day we offer a range of services to give you a comprehensive understanding of and engagement with your team from hiring the right team, through to every day engagement, understanding and development 


Engagement, governance and performance is an opportunity for you every day – so we offer a comprehensive range of solutions

Easy to Use

Our services are all designed to be easy to use for employees, stakeholders and administrators

Highly Trusted

We deliver solutions your employees and stakeholders can trust – so they can give you candid input

Actionable Insights

We ensure that everything we do for you delivers clear, actionable insights

We Care

Helping create better working environments is something we are passionate about.  We hope you are too

Cloud Based

No time consuming or costly installation needed – but you still get the benefit of system upgrades

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